Video 60 sets of the 60 Azi of the day column for men and women

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Information name: 60 sets of video of male and female day pillar auspicious and fatal breakthroughs

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The day column for men and women 60 Azi auspicious breakthrough, know their lifelong fortune, through the course learning you can get?
The course will help you to
1、Know your lifelong fortune, identify your own side of the noble people;
2, know their six relatives relationship situation;
3、See your own personality, identify yourself;
4、Know your own suitable industry to create maximum value;
5, know their own marital status, when to meet their romantic love;
6, know their own physical condition, advance prevention;
7, to stimulate their maximum energy, to achieve their own life value;
8、Master the essence of I Ching, improve their wisdom in the world, and quickly obtain the freedom of wealth in life
1. Men and women with the A-zi day pillar: irritable heart, many disasters in early childhood
2, B ugly day pillar of men and women: children are not orphaned, six relatives less dependable
3、Men and women with the day pillar of C Yin: quick tongue and hard body and straight heart
4、Ding Mao day column of men and women: hands and feet non-stop, body and mind is not idle
6、Men and women with the hexi day pillar: small success, do things as you wish
7、Men and women with the Geng Wu day pillar: fast-talking and straightforward, with a good official near the noble
8、Men and women with the Xinwei day pillar: youth disasters and illnesses, slightly better in mid-life
9、Non Shen day pillar of men and women: talent less obvious; scheming changeable
10、The men and women of the day pillar of the day of the declination: the six relatives are cold; self-seeking life
11, A Xu day pillar of men and women: women want to husband; thrifty family
12, yihai day pillar of men and women: marriage late children late, children prevent grams
13, C day column of men and women: power and strategy; scheming and deceitful
14, ding chou day pillar of men and women: for the harmony of people, clothing and wealth not worry
15, wu yin day pillar of men and women: fierce character, strong incurring disaster
16、Men and women of the day pillar: self-liberation, open-minded
17, Geng Chen day column of men and women: the official near noble, fame and fortune
18、Xin Si day pillar of men and women: there are noble people to help; and smooth in the middle years
19, non wu day pillar of men and women: hardworking and thrifty; parental punishment
20、Men and women with the Day Pillar of Deciwei: money comes and goes, careful and calculating
51、A c day column of men and women: family prosperity, parents favorable
52, B Mao day column of men and women: ambition, clothing and wealth
53, C Chen day pillar of men and women: intelligent, clever hands and feet
54, Ding Si day column of men and women: brothers live long, career glory
55, wu day column of men and women: husband and wife personality is not coordinated, affecting health
56, the day column of men and women: fast-talking tongue hard, clothing and small, with the help of noblemen
57, Geng Shen day pillar of men and women: women to raise the family, six relatives cold
58、Xin You day pillar of men and women: the mouth can speak, respected by high people
59、Nonyxu day pillar of men and women: the heart work especially, clothing and food is not lacking
60、Men and women with the Day Pillar of Keche: distant relatives, difficult family life

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—/Feng Shui Meaning/22B/08/22B08088. 《The secret of the 60 Azi Day Pillars of Auspiciousness 》
01. The 60 Azi – Azi.mp4 34.06M
02. The 60 Azi – B Chou.mp4 28.66M
03. De Yu – 60 Azi – C Yin.mp4 34.66M
04. De Yu – 60 Azi – Ding Mao.mp4 29.20M
05. De Yu – 60 Azi – Wuchen.mp4 25.10M
06. De Yu – 60 Azi – Hexi.mp4 26.54M
07. De Yu – Sixty Azi – Geng Wu.mp4 25.79M
08. De Yu – 60 Azi – Xin Wei.mp4 20.58M
09. De Yu – 60 Azi – Non Shen.mp4 24.47M
10. De Yu-Sixty Azi-Dec You.mp4 26.52M
11. Deyu-Sixty Azi-Axu.mp4 18.87M
12. Deyu-Sixty Azi-Yihai.mp4 31.21M
13. Dickson – 60 Azi – Czi.mp4 25.37M
14. Dickson – 60 Azi – Ding Chou.mp4 21.09M
15. Dickson – 60 Azi – E Yin.mp4 19.63M
16. Dickson – 60 Azi-Himao.mp4 29.49M
17. Dickson – 60 Azi – Gengchen.mp4 22.89M
18. Dickson – 60 Azi – Xin Si.mp4 22.06M
19. Dickson – 60 Azi – Nonu.mp4 19.63M
20. Dickson – 60 Azi-Decwei.mp4 26.23M
21. Dexia – Sixty Azi – A Shen.mp4 17.78M
22. DeXiao-Sixty Azi-Yi You.mp4 18.69M
23. De Xiao – 60 Azi – Cxu.mp4 16.85M
24. De Xiao – Sixty Azi – Ding Hai.mp4 13.58M
25. De Xao – 60 Azi – Ezi.mp4 17.35M
26. De Xao – 60 Azi – Hexi Chou.mp4 14.01M
27. The 60th Year of the Son – Geng Yin.mp4 14.17M
28. The 60th Year of the Son – Xin Mao.mp4 1183M
29. De Xiao – Sixty Azi – Nonchen.mp4 16.12M
30. De Xao – 60 Azi – Kexi.mp4 16.77M
31. Dejing – 60 Azi – A Wu.mp4 30.14M
32. Dejing-Sixty Azi-Yiwei.mp4 34.23M
33. Dejijing – 60 Azi – C Shen.mp4 36.85M
34. Dejijing – 60 Azi – Ding You.mp4 35.88M
35. Deji – 60 Azi – Wuxu.mp4 39.61M
36. Deji – 60 Azi – Heihai.mp4 28.34M
37. Deji – 60 Azi – Gengzi.mp4 36.05M
38. Dejijing-60 Azi-Xinchou.mp4 34.32M
39. Deji – 60 Azi – Nonin.mp4 43.35M
40. Dejijing-60 Azi-Decu.mp4 43.19M
41. Dejian – 60 Azi – Achen.mp4 34.58M
42. De Jiang – 60 Azi – Yisi.mp4 47.21M
43. De Jiang – 60 Azi – C Wu.mp4 41.04M
44. De Jiang – 60 Azi – Ding Wei.mp4 33.13M
45. De Jiang – 60 Azi – Wushen.mp4 34.25M
46. De Jiang – 60 Azi – Hexi You.mp4 26.77M
47. De Jiang – 60 Azi – Gengxu.mp4 43.01M
48. De Jiang – 60 Azi – Xinhai.mp4 24.17M
49. De Jiang – 60 Azi – Nonzi.mp4 39.93M
50. De Jiang – 60 Azi-Dec Mao.mp4 40.30M
51. Dejang – 60 Azi – Jia Yin.mp4 23.53M
52. Dejang – 60 Azi – Yimao.mp4 21.76M
53. De Bao – 60 Azi – C Chen.mp4 29.96M
54. De Bao – 60 Azi – Ding Si.mp4 28.71M
55. De Bao – 60 Azi – Wu Wu.mp4 26.79M
56. De Bao – 60 Azi – Hexi Wei.mp4 17.51M
57. De Bao – 60 Azi – Geng Shen.mp4 22.79M
58. De Bao – 60 Azi – Xin You.mp4 22.32M
59. De Bao – 60 Azi – Nonsuch.mp4 24.51M
60. Debao-Sixty Azi-Dechai.mp4 33.82M

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