Learn Fortune-Telling with Yihuan: Easy Eight Beginner Video 12 episodes

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Lesson 01. Must see before learning the eight characters

Lesson 02: Looking at the ancient Yin Yang and Five Elements with modern eyes

Lesson 03 The Stems and Branches: The Mysterious Stem and Branch Calendar

Lesson 04 Taking images and comparing analogies: a unique Chinese way of thinking

Lesson 05: The complex relationship between the stems and branches

Lesson 06 Interpreting Time and Calendar in Baziology

Lesson 07 The objective law of birth, death and death: the objective law of everything in the universe

Lesson 08 Destiny of the Eight Characters: Explain your destiny in the Eight Characters

Lesson 09 Your natal house reveals your character and life information

Lesson 10: Using Nayin to match your marriage

Lesson 11 Divine Fate: Your Fate through Auspicious and Fatal Fates

Lesson 12: Divine Fate: Your Character, Marriage, and Relationships through Auspicious Gods and Fatal Fates

易欢 简易八字入门

易欢 简易八字入门

易欢 简易八字入门

易欢 简易八字入门

易欢 简易八字入门

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