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/2021/21480. Li Yuan-64 Lessons on 《I Ching》 Emotional Intelligence
00 Pre-Lesson Dessert: What the 《I Ching》 is Really Talking About.mp3 33.38M
00. Your Lifetime Learning Partner.gif 1.98M
00 Issuu: What You\’ll Learn in This I Ching Class.mp3 26.34M
01. Tun Gua: Why are some people hard-working but not rich?.mp3 46.46M
02: Sheng Gua: Learn to grow into a big tree.mp3 42.53M
03, Qian Gua: follow the trend or self-improvement.mp3 33.60M
04, Kun Gua: what kind of occupation is easy to have explosive income?.mp3 39.14M
05, Compass Gua: What are the characteristics of companies without prospects?.mp3 42.07M
06, No Gua: what are the characteristics of a bad environment?.mp3 59.06M
07, small animal trigram: how to smoothly through the low period of life.mp3 33.55M
08, Ming Yi Gua: cultivate the reverse business, to achieve a headwind turn.mp3 44.98M
09, Lax Gua: break up more important than integration.mp3 37.73M
10, loss trigram: minimalist way of thinking.mp3 86.09M
11, Xi Kan Gua: How to avoid entering a company where the payoff is not equal to the reward.mp3 43.64M
12, Ham Gua: When is the best time to jump ship.mp3 45.00M
13, Xun Gua: Three ways to make efficient decisions.mp3 42.01M
14, decisive trigram: the face of the unsolved problem, how should be broken.mp3 43.48M
15, Guan Gua: the law of attraction, to help you get around.mp3 43.55M
16, Jin Gua: enhance the charm, shape your personal brand.mp3 45.71M
17, the teacher trigrams: effective ways to improve execution.mp3 42.80M
18, phagocentric trigram: effective ways to improve execution.mp3 38.12M
19、Cui Gua: will you ride the workplace hitchhiker?.mp3 40.02M
20, Heng Gua: value thinking and trend thinking.mp3 42.07M
21、Guang Gua: Self-control cultivation guide.mp3 39.59M
22, Qian Gua: Two ways to avoid going downhill.mp3 46.92M
23, Ding Gua: Who do you need in your circle of friends?.mp3 43.99M
24, travel trigrams: how to adapt to the new environment?.mp3 43.29M
25, Strip Gua: how to see the exploitation of this thing?.mp3 38.94M
26, Tai Gua: communication can be outsourced?.mp3 44.08M
27, Lin Gua: How is leadership made?.mp3 40.70M
28: Yigua: What is elevated thinking?.mp3 44.70M
29, Yu Gua: why some people have no ability to resist blows?.mp3 47.58M
30, Zhen Gua: How to benefit from risk?.mp3 41.00M
31, Transport Gua: Thirty-six plans to go for the top.mp3 38.71M
32, Both Trigrams: A guide to living small and beautiful.mp3 41.91M
33, Meng Gua: child enlightenment process, the two essential things.mp3 43.56M
34, Sleepy Gua: Ways to break out of life ruts after 30.mp3 45.33M
35, the Great Transgression Gua: what should the weaker party in a marriage?.mp3 47.82M
36, Family Gua: The logic of a harmonious family.mp3 43.36M
37, copulate trigram: how to communicate between husband and wife to be effective?.mp3 48.57M
38, Ben Gua: married life, learn to think down.mp3 43.81M
39, the trigram: why so many people do not want to get married?.mp3 44.45M
40, to the sister trigram: how to grasp the initiative of the weaker party in marriage?.mp3 42.68M
41, gradually trigrams: Why are we always inefficient meetings?.mp3 41.77M
42, Section Gua: Talk about subtle rules.mp3 44.24M
43, no delusion trigram: two practical methods related to the real thing.mp3 52.50M
44, small over trigrams: love to calculate the small accounts of why people generally do not develop well?.mp3 44.40M
45, Jian Gua: two good ways to expand weak relationships contacts.mp3 44.04M
46, solve the trigrams: master the by-product thinking, find the timely rain of life.mp3 41.86M
47、Repeated trigrams: how to be a new species of maverick?.mp3 41.59M
48, well trigram: the wisdom of turning waste into treasure.mp3 46.96M
49, Tui Gua: good friends in partnership, how to prevent each other from pulling the wool over each other eyes?.mp3 50.93M
50, with the trigrams: long-term cooperation with people, what issues need to pay attention to?.mp3 48.98M
51, litigation trigrams: how to deal with long-term confrontation?.mp3 43.29M
52, Yi Gua: how to deal with those familiar strangers?.mp3 44.06M
53, Bi Gua: How to bring a divided organization together?.mp3 46.67M
54, Tong Ren Gua: How to better inspire friendship?.mp3 40.39M
55: Zhong Fu Gua: How to make life more ritualistic?.mp3 46.80M
56: Dazhu Gua: How to find your life position and achieve life progression?.mp3 48.26M
57: Need trigram: learn to wait, let good opportunities come to you.mp3 47.58M
58, Da You Gua: How much money do you really need to retire?.mp3 44.15M
59, Ge Gua: when the trend comes, how to keep up so as not to be left behind?.mp3 41.63M
60, Dajiang Gua: how to integrate into a new environment?.mp3 42.16M
61: Feng Gua: How to turn the imperfections in your life into opportunities for you?.mp3 44.67M
62, divination: Phoenix Nirvana, the little secret of life progression.mp3 44.67M
63, Cui Gua: small to big, the big secret of life progression.mp3 44.15M
64, Wei Ji Gua: How to become the king of a field?.mp3 44.76M
Extra Class 1: I Ching Mnemonics.mp4 745.06M
Extra Meal Lesson 2: Humanistic Power Cultivation Method.mp3 27.75M
Extra Meal Lesson 3: Humanistic Approach.mp3 27.75M
Extra Lesson 4: What can I see in a museum?.mp3 10.23M

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