Liu Junzu Peace of Mind Lesson on I Ching and Destiny 127 episodes

Information name: Liu Junzu Peace of Mind Classes Solving I Ching Knowing Fate and Reasoning Recording 127 episodes

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/2021/21481. Liu Junzu Peace of Mind Class: Understanding the I Ching and Knowing Destiny
001 Qian Gua: A good man is self-improvement.m4a 16.80M
002 Qian Gua: A good man three helpers.m4a 14.56M
003 Kun Gua: Virtuous, follow the trend.m4a 14.90M
004 Kun Gua: Preventing the slightest change, patience is the best.m4a 17.11M
005 Tun Gua: Flood of power to build the foundation..m4a 12.14M
006 Tun Gua: Good connections are half of success.m4a 19.42M
007 Meng Gua: Good enlightenment for a good life.m4a 6.72M
008 Meng Gua: hit you with a stick to know the pain.m4a 13.87M
009 Need Gua: The moment is most important.m4a 14.28M
010 Need Gua: Do not fight the unsure battle..m4a 14.80M
011 Litigation Gua: Show off the moment, both lose.m4a 6.59M
012 litigation trigrams: the situation is stronger than the people, do not fight to win.mp3 15.67M
013 Division trigram: If someone offends me, I will be the culprit.mp3 15.14M
014 Division trigram: use people without doubt, reward and punishment.mp3 14.53M
015 than the trigram: cooperation is always better than competition.m4a 5.05M
016 than the trigrams: careless friendships, trouble.mp3 14.61M
017 Xiaozhu Gua: out of the vortex of pressure.mp3 18.43M
018 small animal trigram: beware of couples against each other.mp3 13.05M
019 Cushion Gua: tiger tail all dare to step on.m4a 5.38M
020 Cushion trigram: learn to maneuver to be safe.mp3 15.38M
021 Tai Gua: small costs, big gains.mp3 13.72M
022 Gua: the villain is always outside the strong.mp3 13.34M
023 No Gua: all shame is a cloud.mp3 13.81M
024 Tai Gua: Beware of a waste of time.mp3 17.96M
025 with the people trigram: the seeds of civilization in the people.mp3 17.89M
026 Tong Ren Gua: laugh until the end is really laugh.mp3 13.06M
027 Da You Gua: Everyone has, only then is there really.m4a 6.77M
028 Da You Gua: Don\’t say the heavens didn\’t give you a chance.mp3 15.77M
029 Humble Gua: Balancing Heaven, Earth and Man..mp3 18.01M
030 Humble Gua: Humble boss, others obey you..mp3 14.02M
031 Yu Gua: save for a rainy day, victory is in sight.m4a 9.44M
032 Yu Gua: the magic of calling the wind and rain.mp3 15.66M
033 Sui Gua: all things follow fate.mp3 18.14M
034 Sui Gua: Improvise, break away.m4a 13.64M
035 Compass: The fire of desire cannot be wrapped.m4a 10.71M
036 Compass: Don\’t do struggle in the name of reform.m4a 8.65M
037 Gua: The Great Age of Freedom and Openness.m4a 14.48M
038 Gua: Unlimited creativity, go your own way..m4a 6.82M
039 Guan Gua: Get to the front line.m4a 8.94M
040 Guan Gua: The pattern determines the whole picture.m4a 12.06M
041 Phagocentric: The Law of the Jungle, Survival of the Fittest.m4a 16.92M
042 Phagocentric Trigram: Keeping the lowest line of defense in life.m4a 11.55M
043 Ben Gua: Good packaging also has good content.m4a 12.07M
044 Ben Gua: Natural is beautiful.m4a 15.62M
045 Peel Gua: Destruction only takes once..m4a 17.70M
046 Stripped trigram: rebirth under great destruction.m4a 8.89M
047 Fuzua: Everything is in the hand.m4a 12.80M
048 Fuzua: Don\’t turn back after hitting the south wall.m4a 12.01M
049 Gua: no delusion, disaster does not haunt.m4a 18.11M
050 Gua: speculation, no delusion to accompany.m4a 12.03M
051 Great animal trigram: good men aspire to four directions.m4a 7.50M
052 Great animal trigram: clear mind and desire to pass the road.m4a 12.25M
053 Yi Gua: trouble comes from the mouth, sickness from the mouth..m4a 14.27M
054 Yi Gua: health is important in accordance with nature.m4a 16.77M
055 Great Passage Gua: The very people do great things.m4a 11.87M
056 Great Passage: True feelings create miracles..m4a 10.81M
057 Kan Gua: With love comes hope.m4a 17.23M
058 Kan: There is light in hell.m4a 14.62M
059 Li Gua: The fire is the end of the fire, and the path never ends.m4a 4.57M
060 Li Gua: Avoid sudden destruction.m4a 10.38M
061 Xian Gua: Two lovers are best suited for each other.m4a 16.81M
062 Xian Gua: Don\’t lose your mind in the chaos of love.m4a 13.18M
063 Heng Gua: the sky is long in the evening.m4a 4.92M
064 Heng Gua: In turmoil long tested.m4a 8.44M
065 Transported Trigram: One step back and the sky is wide.mp3 21.85M
066 Transported Gua: Don\’t be tied down by fame and fortune..mp3 17.22M
067 Dajiang Gua: Youth is not for impulse.mp3 6.91M
068 Dazhong Gua: Lead Brother is not good.mp3 23.33M
069 Jin Gua: Always be ready to fight.mp3 27.85M
070 Jin Gua: Harness the power of public opinion.mp3 12.79M
071 Ming Yi Gua: The most profoundly painful gua.mp3 12.37M
072 Ming Yi Gua: The Power of Spies.mp3 19.23M
073 Family Trigram: The Family and Everything.mp3 14.31M
074 Family Gua: Family Law, Women, Home.mp3 22.43M
075 divination: reincarnation, can not break the grudge..mp3 15.28M
076 Para: Don\’t be suspicious of dark ghosts.mp3 29.54M
077 Jian Gua: through thick and thin..mp3 25.17M
078 Jian Gua: the most difficult storms old people come.mp3 13.34M
079 Interpretation of the trigrams: meet a smile to forget the enmity.mp3 11.95M
080 Interpretation: waiting for the best time to strike.mp3 30.04M
081 Loss Gua: desire terrible, moderation is not difficult.mp3 24.20M
082 loss trigram: measure the power, small gains.mp3 17.59M
083 Yigua: high risk accompanied by high returns.mp3 8.94M
084 Yi Gua: The world is big, there is no escape.mp3 28.19M
085 Decisive trigram: Gathering ideas for great things.mp3 30.25M
086 decisive trigram: impulsiveness is the devil.mp3 13.77M
087 Copulation: The unpreventable affair (1).mp3 14.05M
088 copulation: defensive affair (2).mp3 19.90M
089 Chui trigram: the gathering and scattering of impermanence to cherish.mp3 21.88M
090 Zui Gua: the big momentum to create a good mountain.mp3 20.62M
091 Gua High growth brings big bubbles.mp3 9.50M
092 Rise trigram: The \”penis\” philosophy.mp3 22.42M
093 Sleepy Trigram: No way out of the mountain.mp3 22.05M
094 Sleepy trigram: Changing course can still be.mp3 45.44M
095 Well Gua: low-profile development, successful transformation.m4a 11.21M
096 Well Gua: brand easy to create maintain difficult.m4a 9.55M
097 Ge Gua: Revolutionary success depends on everyone.m4a 14.23M
099 Ding Gua: The art of harmonizing the naive.m4a 7.53M
100 Ding Gua: Succession as the first major event.m4a 16.86M
101 Zhen Gua: Sovereignty in the hand, everything is.mp3 16.14M
102 Zhen Gua: The real hero in the face of danger.m4a 14.22M
103Guang Gua: Cut off three thousand worries.m4a 7.60M
104 Burgundy trigram: The master is not made in a day.m4a 11.77M
105 Gradual trigram: pay attention to team coordination and progress.m4a 16.74M
106 Gradual Gua: Step by step, success is yours.m4a 12.69M
107 Gua Gua: Impulsiveness results in zero.m4a 8.71M
108 to the sister Gua: false phoenix, wasted effort..m4a 15.41M
109 Feng Gua: gold and jade is not easy to keep.m4a 15.81M
110 trigram: see him feast guests, see his building collapsed.m4a 15.68M
111 travel trigram: lost time, lost momentum, lost position.m4a 4.01M
112 Travel trigram: have more still can not stay.m4a 14.82M
113 Xun Gua: invisible is better than visible.m4a 9.22M
114 Xun Gua: silent layout, a success.m4a 17.75M
115 Tui Gua: pure friendliness.m4a 6.72M
116 Tui Gua: Fatal attraction m4a.m4a 10.40M
117 Lax: The Power of Calling.m4a 14.99M
118 Lax Gua: Pure Land Everywhere on Earth.m4a 9.36M
119 Section Gua: Just the right amount of wisdom.m4a 9.00M
120 Section Gua: Keeping time for change, the bitter is sweet.m4a 9.49M
121 Zhong Fu Gua: The charm of faith without distinction.m4a 12.31M
122 Zhong Fu Gua: In life, honesty comes first.m4a 12.60M
123 Xiao Guo Gua: Without experience, where is the growth.m4a 6.32M
124 Xiaohui Gua: Leave behind unrealistic illusions.m4a 17.42M
125 Both-Ji Gua: Stages of success are easy to faint.m4a 13.91M
126 Beji: Being careful is not a bad thing.m4a 15.58M
127 Wei Ji Gua: Retreat from difficulties, stop when appropriate.m4a 7.21M
128 Wei Ji Gua: the sea of suffering, turn back is the shore.m4a 12.74M

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