Zhang Qicheng speaks on 《I Ching》 recording 99 episodes

Name of material: Zhang Qicheng speaks 《I Ching》 recording 99 episodes

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/2021/21482. Zhang Qicheng on 《I Ching》
001. Preface] My Experience of Studying 《I Ching》..mp3 13.42M
002. What is the use of studying 《I Ching》..mp3 24.95M
003. What is the 《I Ching》 book.mp3 26.02M
004. The Cultural Status of the 《I Ching》.mp3 25.27M
005. The Three Emperors and the 《I Ching》 (.mp3 10.80M
006. Fuxi Makes the Eight Trigrams.mp3 15.17M
007. Shennong Yandi and the 《Lianshan Yi》 (.mp3 8.79M
008. Xuan Yuan Huang Di and 《Guizang Yi》 (.mp3 10.38M
009. King Wen of Zhou and the 《Zhou Yi》.mp3 15.12M
009. The first time I saw the world most famous musician, I was able to get to know him.
010. Confucius made 《Easy Biography》..mp3 18.61M
010. The first time I saw you, I had to go to the bathroom.
011. How were the eight trigrams drawn?..mp3 14.88M
011. How are the eight trigrams drawn?.mp3 14.88M
012. The Secret of \”Yin and Yang\”..mp3 22.52M
012. The Secret of \”Yin and Yang\”.mp3 22.52M
013. How to determine the yin and yang of fortune?..mp3 18.75M
013. How to determine the yin and yang of numerology?.mp3 18.75M
014. How to determine the yin and yang of character? .mp3 13.02M
015. Are you a yin or yang body type? ..mp3 15.00M
016. The secret of the \”four elephants\”》..mp3 18.51M
017. The secret of the formation of the eight trigrams of the first heaven_..mp3 12.96M
018. The mysterious role of gossip..mp3 13.70M
019. How to introduce natural things from the gossip? ..mp3 18.27M
020. How to launch people from the bagua? ..mp3 14.63M
021. The mystery of King Wen Bagua directions..mp3 16.46M
022. King Wen Bagua and Feng Shui..mp3 17.45M
023. How to choose good feng shui_..mp3 14.28M
024. Wenwang Bagua and the Forbidden City in Beijing -..mp3 19.64M
025. The Secret of the Five Elements (I..mp3 19.82M
026. The Secret of the Five Elements (II)..mp3 19.41M
027. The Five Elements and the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches..mp3 17.85M
028. The Five Elements and the He Tu Luo Shu..mp3 17.75M
029. The Five Elements..mp3 18.32M
030. The five personalities of people from the five elements.mp3 24.82M
031. The five physical qualities of people from the five elements_.mp3 15.31M
032. The mystery of the \”Taiji Chart\” is unveiled.mp3 30.70M
033. The oldest method of divination yarrow method..mp3 19.41M
034. The most accurate method of hexagramming..mp3 22.25M
035. 64 trigrams in the order of the secret..mp3 24.81M
036. Dry trigram lines.mp3 21.74M
037. Dry trigram life six-part series..mp3 21.02M
038. Qian Gua Tuan Chuan..mp3 27.14M
039. The Biography of Qian Gua Xuan.mp3 20.67M
040. Qian Gua Wenyan Chuan..mp3 24.66M
041. Kun Gua hexagrams..mp3 23.28M
042. Kun Gua Tuan Chuan..mp3 732.43kb
043. Kun Gua Xiang Chuan..mp3 20.71M
044. Kun Gua Wenyin Chuan..mp3 25.07M
045. Tuan Gua Everything Begins..mp3 27.61M
046. Meng Gua Enlightenment Education..mp3 28.43M
047. Need Gua good at waiting..mp3 22.31M
048. Litigation trigrams to stop litigation..mp3 19.91M
049. The way of the master trigram unifying the masses..mp3 30.79M
050. The Way of Bi Gua Bi He..mp3 26.92M
052..mp3 20.85M
053. Tai Gua, Heaven and Earth.mp3 25.41M
054. No trigram to open up the no plug..mp3 25.53M
056. The Great Trigram Achieves Wealth..mp3 20.16M
057. Modesty Gua Modest Virtue..mp3 25.86M
058. Yu Gua the Way of Happiness..mp3 31.88M
059. Follow the trigrams to choose the good and follow..mp3 31.22M
060. The compelling trigrams to release the compulsion..mp3 25.56M
061. The Art of Leadership..mp3 28.21M
062. The Way of Observation..mp3 32.20M
064. Ben Gua people culture into..mp3 26.95M
079. Family trigrams to rule the family..mp3 41.93M
079 Family trigrams to rule the family (next).mp3 21.35M
080 divide the trigrams into a combination (next)..mp3 23.14M
080. Separation of the trigrams into a combination (upper)..mp3 15.62M
081. Jian Gua over the hardships -.mp3 33.37M
082. Solve the trigrams to solve problems_ (1)..mp3 33.80M
083 Loss Gua reduce the way of loss (next) _ (1)..mp3 20.93M
083. The Way to Reduce Loss (Upper Part) (1)..mp3 16.79M
084. Benefit Gua Loss of self and benefit of others..mp3 36.06M
085 Decisive Decisive Decisions (next) _..mp3 17.79M
085. Decisive Decisiveness (Upper)..mp3 18.70M
086. Copulation of Meeting and Knowing (Next)..mp3 22.74M
086. Copulation meet and know each other (upper)..mp3 11.72M
087. The way of meeting and gathering in the Diagrams -.mp3 22.75M
088. Ascension Gua Shunshui Ascent.mp3 24.05M
089. Troubled Gua Difficult Rise_..mp3 23.04M
090. Well Gua cultivate themselves and raise people..mp3 19.46M
091. Ge Gua Removing the Old Malpractice__..mp3 21.32M
092. Ding Gua Breaks the Old and Creates the New (1)..mp3 23.27M
093. Zhen Gua is alert and fearful..mp3 19.26M
094. The Burgundy Trigram Stops Desire for Good..mp3 20.69M
095. The Gradual Trigram: Step by Step..mp3 17.57M
096. Gua maiden married..mp3 22.18M
097. Feng Gua abundance of large -..mp3 23.73M
098. Traveling and Traveling -..mp3 21.45M
099. Xun Gua Softness and Modesty..mp3 21.32M
100. Tui Gua Happy Way..mp3 18.42M
101. Lax Gua Save Lax-_..mp3 21.31M
102. The Way of Temperance.mp3 21.05M
103. The integrity of the divination..mp3 22.95M
104. Xiao Guo Gua can be used in small places..mp3 23.20M
105. Vai Ji Gua cautiously guarded..mp3 25.99M
106. Unfinished business..mp3 21.29M

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