When the master Liu Yao through the plum trigram lecture recording 92 sets of full 40 lecture material

Data name: when the master Liu Yao through the plum trigram lecture recording 92 sets full 40 lecture material

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/2021/21699. The time of the master Liu Yao through the plum trigram lecture recording 92 sets full 40 lecture material
April 5, 2014 己日乃孚.docx 21.22kb
2015-7-4 Mr. Shih speaks four numbers three with.docx 31.25kb
2015-9-20 (Full version) Stock situation around National Day – No view.docx 30.77kb
2015-9-20 Stock situation before and after National Day-no view.docx 43.66kb
20150705 Tui Zhi Yu.docx 22.72kb
20150711 Mr. Shi interprets the first Liu Yao of Shi Gua.docx 13.76kb
20150711 Mr. Shi Yi Interpretation: once the sea is difficult to be water except for wushan is not a cloud.docx 11.61kb
2015年10月4日 晚上 复卦續二 反复其道.mp3 63.05M
2015年3月12日 梅花易数 国学群 文字整理.docx 23.79kb
April 15, 2015 Evening Feng Shui Miscellaneous.mp3 17.27M
2015年4月20日 双色球:王假有庙(1)如晦整理.mp3 60.37M
2015年4月27日晚上 Clothes.mp3 31.20M
2015年4月28日夜 比-既济 乾坤其易之门邪 履卦六三等.mp3 60.81M
2015年4月29日 上海出差机场晚上 劳苦大众。 Two kinds of Both-Ji. The bandit I seek the Tong Meng.mp3 4.56M
2015年4月2日夜 遁卦四爻 君子吉小人否.mp3 23.23M
2015年4月30日 小蓄之贲(玉堂考易学研究生) 先生拜佛 無妄卦.mp3 39.77M
2015年4月3日晚上 上善如水 有容乃大.mp3 7.42M
2015年4月4日晚上-1 火地晋 运势.mp3 12.02M
2015年4月4日晚上-2 天火同人.mp3 14.10M
2015年4月9日夜 小过之旅 July Asking for Sickness.mp3 55.02M
2015年5月10日晚上 乾九四爻 (O).mp3 25.36M
June 30, 2015 Taiji Two Yishu and Four Elephants Bagua.mp3 36.23M
July 13, 2015 Section of the need to break pregnancy O.mp3 52.22M
July 1, 2015 Tao Sheng Yi (Home).mp3 65.27M
July 2, 2015 Dao Sheng I Continued (O).mp3 68.12M
August 14, 2015 Kan Gua (Yijie Feng Yun).mp3 75.41M
2015年8月16日 晚 先后图转化 易界风云群.mp3 132.53M
August 21, 2015 Evening Burgundy (Double Double Gua).mp3 67.61M
January 31, 2016 Loss of Lin Teaching Products Can You Make Money.mp3 87.81M
February 27, 2016 Yu Trouble-1.amr 3.38M
February 27, 2016 Yu Trouble-2.amr 4.51M
August 14, 2016 Correspondence re-talk.docx 23.82kb
2017.2.25 Yang House Feng Shui.mp3 48.00M
2017.2.25 Yin house feng shui.mp3 96.14M
2017 Meng Zhi Guan.amr 5.39M
2017年1月20日晚上 微信语音 萃之訴訟 双双朋友婚姻應期-1.amr 2.66M
2017年1月20日晚上 微信语音 萃之讼 双双朋友婚姻應期-2.amr 2.98M
January 26, 2017 Brigade-1.amr 3.53M
January 26, 2017 Brigade-2.amr 3.24M
January 29-30, 2017 – Post Chart Diagram – 5.amr 2.27M
January 29, 2017 – Back Chart Diagram -1.amr 5.18M
January 29, 2017 – Back Chart Diagram-2.amr 3.44M
January 29, 2017 – Back Chart Diagram-3.amr 2.16M
January 29, 2017 – Hou Tu Di Zhi Zhi-4.amr 2.92M
January 31, 2017 Bi Gua-1.amr 3.92M
January 31, 2017 Bigua-2.amr 4.79M
January 31, 2017 Bigua-3.amr 4.19M
January 31, 2017 Bigua-4.amr 164.07kb
February 10, 2017-1.amr 2.13M
February 10, 2017-2.amr 5.46M
February 12, 2017-1.amr 5.12M
February 12, 2017-2.amr 1.41M
February 13, 2017-1.amr 4.86M
February 13, 2017-2.amr 2.38M
February 14, 2017 Rin no Fuyu-1.amr 5.28M
February 14, 2017 Linzofu-2.amr 2.81M
February 14, 2017 Linzofu-3.amr 3.41M
February 15, 2017 RINNO-FU continued-1.amr 2.43M
February 15, 2017 RINZOYO Continued-2.amr 4.42M
February 15, 2017 RINZOYO Continued-3.amr 4.53M
February 15, 2017 Lin Zifu Continued-4.amr 2.50M
February 16, 2017 Jing Gua-1.amr 5.03M
February 16, 2017 well trigram-2.amr 3.96M
February 1, 2017-1.amr 2.99M
February 1, 2017-2.amr 3.28M
February 25, 2017 Feng Shui-1.amr 2.58M
February 25, 2017 Feng Shui-2.amr 5.01M
February 25, 2017 Feng Shui-3.amr 4.15M
February 25, 2017 Feng Shui-4.amr 1.81M
February 26, 2017 Need to Know Tai-1.amr 2.54M
February 26, 2017 Need to Know Tai-2.amr 3.20M
February 28, 2017-1.amr 4.94M
February 28, 2017-2.amr 2.28M
February 5, 2017-1.amr 4.20M
February 5, 2017-2.amr 5.01M
February 6, 2017-1.amr 5.02M
February 6, 2017-2.amr 4.79M
March 1, 2017-1.amr 4.56M
March 1, 2017-2.amr 3.03M
March 21, 2017 Toyo no Kun-1.amr 5.45M
March 21, 2017 Toyo no Kun-2.amr 2.70M
March 30, 2017 Loss Gua-1 Yau Fu.mp3 23.77M
March 30, 2017 Loss Gua-2 Yuanji.mp3 7.09M
March 30, 2017 Loss Gua-3 無咎 可贞 利有攸往.mp3 20.38M
March 30, 2017 Loss Gua-4 曷用二簋可用享.mp3 8.52M
March 31, 2017 Beneficial Gua Tuan.mp3 47.51M
April 1, 2017: Mr. Xiao speaks on Sheng Zhi Tai.docx 27.79kb
April 20, 2017 First Evolution of the Trigrams – Small Storage.mp3 83.22M
April 20, 2017 Heaven and Earth – Time and Space.mp3 4.92M
April 26, 2017 Evening Repeating the Trigrams.mp3 38.83M
April 2, 2017 A Simple Understanding of the Eight Trigrams of the First Heavenly Trigrams.mp3 148.96M
April 3, 2017 Congenital Bagua Chart – Continued..mp3 153.23M
April 8, 2017 Bagua Phase Error – Understanding the First Heaven Bagua Diagram and the Second Heaven Bagua Diagram.mp3 220.21M
May 3, 2017 Great Passage.mp3 21.36M
May 6, 2017 Qiankun – Continued.mp3 51.42M
Voice (時者 乾卦五爻 飞龙在天.mp3 68.12M
《I Ching Evidence Release》Gui Shan Annotation Collation.doc 4.97M
《I Ching Evidence》Relayed.doc 4.16M
General Yi.doc 33.50kb
Repel and Close.docx 15.87kb
Characteristics of Earth Vegetables.doc 84.00kb
Dugua Gua rhetoric.docx 37.18kb
The Resumption of the Yi March 19, 2018.docx 15.20kb
Stock: Family of Tun.mp3 18.08M
Decisive Gua Shangli.doc 13.50kb
Hou Tu Si Zheng and Si Sum.doc 17.00kb
Jian Gua Southwest.doc 14.50kb
The one who will rebel is ashamed of his words, the one who is suspicious of his words, the one who is lucky has few words, the one who is impatient has many words, the one who is false and good has his words, the one who loses his guard has his words..mp3 20.19M
Screenshot – Meihua Xin Yi Secret Biography (Taiwan Takagi multiply).rar 1.01M
Jingfang Commentary.pdf 6.75M
The Trigrams of Sleepy Trigrams.mp3 76.62M
Studies on the Two Han Dynasty Elephant Counting I-Ching.pdf 32.37M
Lin Zhi Fu 1.doc 27.50kb
Lin Zhi Fuxu 2.doc 35.50kb
Lin Zhi Fuxu 3.doc 30.50kb
Lin Zhi Fuxu 4.doc 24.00kb
Ming Yi Gua.doc 20.50kb
Ming Yi Needs Yearly Luck Gua (1).mp3 45.33M
Ming Yi Needs Yearly Luck Gua (2).doc 36.00kb
Birth of a second child: copulation.doc 11.50kb
Master trigram two lines re-talk.doc 43.50kb
Mr. Shi speaks on Fu Tai and I Ching.doc 35.00kb
Mr. Shi speaks on Six Onslaught.docx 38.81kb
Mr. Shi on Body and Use.docx 11.95kb
Mr. Shih Introduction to I Ching.doc 30.00kb
Mr. Shih Message Lantern Festival.docx 13.95kb
Mr. Shih speaks on Yi1-1.docx 13.21kb
The Times Lecture 1-2.docx 13.14kb
The teacher speaks on Yi 1-3.docx 13.68kb
The teacher of the time to explain the trigram.doc 80.50kb
Tong Ren Gua.docx 11.49kb
How to translate the first heavenly chart into the second heavenly chart.docx 19.45kb
The limited vision, the natural path of the law.mp3 43.31M
Fish Tough: Family members of the undesired.mp3 53.13M
Teacher Zhang trigram example (2012.11.23).doc 22.00kb

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