Caijin teacher Yang Wencai Liu Yao to improve the class practice 38 episodes

Information name: Cai Shen teacher hexagrams to improve the class practical chapter 38 sets

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/2021/21702. Wealthy God teacher Liu Yao to improve the class practice 38 episodes
Qianjin Fu decryption
\”Quit turning back to the grasp of me, do not turn back the virtue to help people.\”.mp4 28.51M
\”Greedy for life and greedy for cooperation, grams of harm and punishment are forgotten..\” .mp4 20.50M
\”The main image of rest and imprisonment, fear of seeing the penalty and harm. With lines change, avoid being dead tomb absolute empty.\” .mp4 18.91M
The value of moving together and trip. Example 1.mp4 23.40M
The value of moving together and tripping. Example 2.mp4 10.19M
. 10.19M
Dynamic values combined and tripped. Example 3.mp4 20.90M
The person in the tomb lives in an empty place and things go against the heart.mp4 24.68M
The tomb of the person does not punch not hair.mp4 47.58M
Day and the eon into the trigram example two.mp4 18.56M
Day and star into the trigram example a.mp4 25.67M
Body ghosts do not go uneasy.mp4 30.30M
Hands on teaching you to break the trigrams
Steps to break the trigrams.mp4 21.67M
The method of breaking should period.mp4 24.95M
How to apply the theory of the six rushing trigrams and dark grams? .mp4 45.90M
How to predict the lawsuit? .mp4 67.51M
How to predict elections? .mp4 53.04M
Difficult knowledge point example break
Disease measurement trigram example.mp4 74.43M
Anti-Gin and Fu Yin method of breaking.mp4 28.27M
The use of hexagrams too much to break the trigrams. Example 2.mp4 36.15M
True and false images in the trigrams.mp4 22.11M
Ghosts and spirits apparitions example 3.mp4 51.03M
static and interlinear signs.mp4 46.62M
Six relatives holding the world and the initiation of the elephant.mp4 37.60M
Liu Yao of the hexagrams with the gods, the gods of taboo.mp4 6.91M
Liu Yao in the hexagrams and the functional authority of the moving lines.mp4 41.79M
Clear and turbid signs.mp4 37.16M
The use of the tenth sky and moon break.mp4 74.47M
Useful and useless signs.mp4 43.52M
Prediction of engineering for wealth? .mp4 50.50M
Predicting the success of the sea cucumber business? .mp4 33.94M
The secret method of the application of the month and day.mp4 57.88M
How to decipher the trigrams
How to decipher the dark moving trigrams? .mp4 54.24M
How to decipher the trigrams of extreme happiness? .mp4 81.05M
Dismantling the Gua sign of extreme happiness? (II).mp4 55.77M
Dismantling the Gua of Bliss? (3).mp4 58.83M
Dismantling the Trigrams of Bliss? (a).mp4 78.09M
Deconstructing the hexagrams of the disease example.mp4 43.95M
Disassembly of the trigrams of the phase through? .mp4 59.93M

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