Li Jizhong a trigram multi-break intermediate training class (on the set) video 51 episodes

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Information name: Li Jizhong a trigram multi-determination intermediate workshop (on the set) video 51 episodes

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/Feng Shui Meaning/2022/22088. 《Li Ji Zhong One Trigram, Many Decisions Intermediate Workshop》Up (51 episodes)
01, Lecture 1: The Dynamics of Yi Theory, Yin and Yang…mp4 59.22M
02, the second lecture a trigram multi-break trigram break ideas..mp4 195.07M
03, the third lecture on how to break a trigram..mp4 132.23M
04, the fourth lecture on the procedures and regularity of trigram reading..mp4 129.99M
05, the fifth lecture on the difference between the five elements (on) …mp4 128.06M
06, Lecture 6: The distinction between the five elements (below)..mp4 145.94M
07, the seventh lecture five elements in the role of the Liu Yao..mp4 190.49M
08, the eighth lecture of the five elements of mutual reinforcement …mp4 106.77M
09, the ninth lecture trigrams of the main lines..mp4 72.60M
10, the tenth lecture parent lines for the god of luck …mp4 105.42M
11, the eleventh lecture brother lines for the auspiciousness of the gods …mp4 47.24M
12, the twelfth lecture Zi Sun lines for the god of good and bad …mp4 71.24M
13, the thirteenth lecture wife and wealth lines for the god of good and bad..mp4 104.21M
14, the fourteenth lecture official ghost lines for the auspiciousness of the gods..mp4 125.77M
15, the fifteenth lecture six relatives of the use of alternative methods …mp4 81.26M
16, the sixteenth lecture a trigram how to choose the gods..mp4 260.73M
17, the seventeenth session of the role of lines in the trigrams..mp4 165.70M
18, the eighteenth session of the use of the trigram palace..mp4 87.58M
19, the nineteenth lecture trigram Palace law (on)..mp4 243.66M
20, the twentieth lecture Trigram Palace law (below) …mp4 225.79M
21, the twenty-first lecture in the trigram moving lines foretell the signs..mp4 76.51M
22, 22 lectures six relatives of the results of the launch..mp4 182.20M
23, the twenty-third lecture six relatives holding Shi, Shi lines of likes and dislikes..mp4 70.23M
24、The twenty-fourth lecture of the gods, the gods of hatred, the gods of taboo..mp4 128.20M
25, 25 lectures with the use of the gods to launch and the use of empty …mp4 129.09M
26、26th Lecture Sun and Moon..mp4 142.01M
27、Talk 27: The birth and death of the gods..mp4 84.83M
28、The twenty-eighth lecture on the meaning of the six relatives of the voodoo..mp4 109.06M
29、The 29th lecture: \”The opposite of the Yin and the Fugin..mp4 73.27M
30、Teaching 30: The Four Seasons ….mp4 42.75M
31、Thirty-one lecture on the five elements of the birth, gram, punch, together..mp4 187.66M
32、Thirty-two lectures with the gods into the gods, the retreat of the gods..mp4 55.20M
33、Thirty-three lecture on the meaning of the year …mp4 51.84M
34、Thirty-fourth lecture Shi lines, the meaning of the activation of the lines..mp4 110.70M
35、Thirty-five lectures with the gods with gas, gasless auspiciousness …mp4 137.00M
36、Thirty-sixth lecture on the use of the lines of the tenth sky..mp4 151.82M
37、Thirty-seventh lecture on the intersection, the encounter..mp4 147.25M
38、Thirty-eight lecture dark movement, into the grave..mp4 115.39M
39、Lecture 39: Rest and Weakness of Lines..mp4 68.65M
40: Lecture 40: The Meaning of the Moon and the Day into the Lines …mp4 112.39M
41, the forty-first lecture three penalties, three unsuccessful bureau …mp4 48.95M
42、The forty-second lecture Fu Shen Xunkong Assistant Weixin 16729736813..mp4 110.70M
43、Forty-third lecture into the tomb of the lines, the lines of grace and virtue, the lines of murder..mp4 58.73M
44、Forty-fourth lecture with the gods of useful, useless..mp4 95.87M
45: Lecture 45: The Luck and Fortunes of the Return of Lines …mp4 78.79M
46: Lecture 46: The Advancement and Retreat of Yin and Yang on the Lines..mp4 44.40M
47: Lecture 47: Changes of the Jig Shen in the Trigrams…mp4 41.49M
48、The forty-eighth lecture with the gods should not be punished, the death of the..mp4 59.42M
49, the 49th lecture parent lines empty specific meaning …mp4 28.07M
50, the fiftieth lecture official ghost lines, Sun lines, brother lines of meaning …mp4 87.91M
51, fifty-first lecture together at the punch..mp4 44.10M

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