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/Feng Shui Meaning/2022/22139. Jin Yuzhang Practical Hexagram Prediction
Lesson 01 Understanding Prediction..mp3 94.72M
Lesson 02 Bagua and 64 hexagrams (1)..mp3 14.63M
Lesson 02 Bagua and 64 trigrams (2)..mp3 8.24M
Lesson 02 Bagua and 64 trigrams (3)..mp3 23.45M
Lesson 03 divination method (1)..mp3 29.37M
Lesson 03 method of divination (2)..mp3 30.15M
Lesson 04, section 1, the relationship and analogy of the Earth branches..mp3 15.45M
Lesson 04, Section 2: Six Gods and Phenomena..mp3 8.95M
Class 04, section 3 lines to take the image..mp3 15.77M
Lesson 05, section 1 six relatives of the analogy..mp3 16.11M
Lesson 05, section 2 with the gods, the original gods, taboo gods, enemy gods..mp3 17.84M
Lesson 05, section 3 trigram line wang decay method..mp3 9.17M
Lesson 06, section 1 of the month Jian..mp3 34.04M
Lesson 06, section 2 of the festival..mp3 21.75M
Lesson 07 Six Onset (1)..mp3 30.97M
Lesson 07 Hexagram (2)..mp3 27.09M
Lesson 08: The Three Harmonies..mp3 32.85M
Lesson 09 Dynamic Changes..mp3 31.75M
Lesson 10 Section 1 Dark Movements..mp3 17.39M
Lesson 10 Section 2 Lenten..mp3 22.87M
Lesson 11, verse 1, the antiphon..mp3 15.83M
Lesson 11, verse 2, \”Voguing\”..mp3 7.39M
Lesson 12: Wandering and Returning Souls..mp3 7.81M
Lesson 13 Into the Gods and Out of the Gods..mp3 10.68M
Lesson 14: The birth of the tomb..mp3 21.36M
Lesson 15: The Law of the Period..mp3 34.68M
Lesson 16 Section 1 Eight Pure Gua..mp3 7.42M
Lesson 16, Section 2, Using the Gods Without Emotion..mp3 2.69M
Lesson 16, section 3 over prosperity and over decay..mp3 12.11M
Lesson 16, section 4 of the line of transformation across the mountain..mp3 5.08M
Lesson 16, section 5 taboo gods holding the world into the gods..mp3 1.69M
Lesson 16, lesson 6 does not take the gods..mp3 3.60M
Lesson 17 Predicting advancement and exams..mp3 26.20M
Lesson 18: Can my son get into graduate school?..mp3 2.85M
Lesson 18: Will I be able to get into graduate school this year?..mp3 2.26M
Lesson 18: Can my daughter pass Subject 2 on my mother behalf?..mp3 6.28M
Lesson 18: Can my daughter get into a college?..mp3 3.73M
The case of the 18th class college entrance exam: can my daughter get into the Southwest University of Nationalities..mp3 2.43M
Lesson 18: Ask your daughter about her college entrance exam this year?..mp3 6.59M
Lesson 18: Can I get into this school?..mp3 6.52M
Lesson 19: Predicting your career (job search, transfer, promotion, etc.)..mp3 22.52M
Lesson 20: Can I be promoted to director in six months?..mp3 4.42M
Lesson 20: Can you get promoted?..mp3 4.67M
Lesson 20 Does Mom Quit Her Job?..mp3 1.99M
Lesson 20 Will my job change?..mp3 5.06M
Lesson 20 Will I be transferred by my leader?..mp3 3.48M
Lesson 20: Will the final round of interviews be successful?..mp3 2.38M
Lesson 20: Did you pass yesterday interview?..mp3 4.67M
Lesson 21 Example 10 Will the other party promised electronic bank acceptance arrive today?..m4a 7.45M
Lesson 21 Example 11 Will Mr. Zhang be able to pay back the money as promised?..m4a 5.80M
Lesson 21 Example 2 Test whether taking over the restaurant will make money?..m4a 4.33M
Lesson 21, Example 3: Test yourself to see if your private school will have good fortune in the future..m4a 3.30M
Lesson 21 Example 4 Will the new chairman of the board be able to lead the business to turn a profit?..m4a 5.13M
Lesson 21 Example 5 Self-assessment can go abroad to invest in projects?..m4a 1.77M
Lesson 21 Example 9 Will the other party call us as promised?..m4a 6.69M
Lesson 21 divination basics related to seeking money..m4a 12.07M
Lesson 21 divination fortune section 1 long-term and short-term fortune..m4a 19.36M
Lesson 21 accounted for long-term and short-term financial fortune Gua case 6, 7, 8..m4a 22.66M
Lesson 22 partnership investment and business..m4a 6.35M
Lesson 22 Example 1: Is it profitable to put money into a person introduced by Cheng to invest on his behalf?..m4a 2.62M
Lesson 22 Example 2 Will working with her make money successfully?..m4a 3.88M
Lesson 22 Example 3 Is there any risk that I can make money working with Mr. Lee in trading?..m4a 7.99M
Lesson 22 Example 4 Can I succeed in talking to my boss about cooperation?..m4a 2.55M
Example 5 in Lesson 22 is a partnership with a relative in a business in which he or she does not invest money and the relative has connections. Ask if it will be profitable…m4a 2.43M
Lesson 23 Example 1 With a competitor, can a civil engineering project be won?..m4a 3.83M
Lesson 23 Example 2 Test whether you can win the bid this time?..m4a 3.60M
Lesson 23 Example 3 Will this than fire protection project win the bid?..m4a 5.86M
Lesson 23 Example 4 Will the test be awarded this time? Choose one of two..m4a 5.97M
Lesson 23 Predicting Bids..m4a 8.30M
Lesson 24 Example 1 A man asks if he can rent the store and earn money?..m4a 3.23M
Lesson 24 Example 2 A man measures when he will be able to sublet the store he runs?..m4a 2.02M
Lesson 24 Example 3 A woman asks when her house will be rented out…m4a 5.68M
Lesson 24 Example 4 There is a used car at home, when will it be sold?..m4a 4.12M
Lesson 24 Example 5 Someone seeks a test of when a house can be rented out?..m4a 2.98M
Lesson 24 Example 6 Will I be able to buy a house in Earl of Biscayne?..m4a 3.60M
Lesson 24 Predicting Housing Transactions (Renting, Selling)..m4a 9.83M
Lesson 25 Section 5 Financial Investment Forecasting..m4a 12.61M
Lesson 25 Example 10 Wanxiang Denong What is the market before August 31?..m4a 1.95M
Lesson 25 example 11 on August 3 Shen Yue Dec Mao day accounted for OPP lighting this month, the highest can rise 15》?..m4a 6.34M
The 25th lesson example 128 on October 14, Shen Yue Dec Wei day accounted for Jin Li permanent magnet before October 31, the lowest can fall down 45 yuan?..m4a 9.91M
Lesson 25 Example 1 test the stock Huadian International nearly two months trend..m4a 6.40M
Lesson 25 Example 2 accounts for the rise and fall of the SSE index in July 2015..m4a 4.24M
Lesson 25 example 3 the same day to buy alcoholic beverages, ask how the ugly month after the profit and loss?..m4a 6.13M
Lesson 25 Example 4 If you add to your position in Meridian Health, will it go up 10》 in a month?..m4a 4.41M
Lesson 25 Example 5: Renfro Pharma trend this week..m4a 2.31M
Lesson 25 Example 6 April 22 to 26, 2019 broad market trend..m4a 2.65M
Lesson 25 Example 7 Next week stock ETF 512880 trend..m4a 11.11M
Lesson 25 Example 8 Can the highest price of Ovation rise to $11 in six months?..m4a 5.56M
Lesson 25 Example 9 Can Hikvision rise to a maximum of $32 in six months?..m4a 2.77M
Lesson 26 Marriage chapter basics..m4a 10.25M
Lesson 26 Example 10 Can you marry and have children with your boyfriend of three years..m4a 4.73M
Lesson 26 Example 11: Can a third sister test her brother to see if he can marry his current girlfriend successfully?..m4a 6.33M
Lesson 26 Example 12 Female test when she can get married? Currently single..m4a 10.04M
Lesson 26 Example 13 A father measures which of the two girls his son can marry?..m4a 7.78M
Lesson 26 Example 14: Will you be able to get married next year? No boyfriend at the moment…m4a 3.53M
Lesson 26 Example 1: Can there be development with each other?..m4a 9.83M
Lesson 26 Example 2: Can I get back together with my boyfriend?..m4a 3.83M
Lesson 26Example 3Does he really want to fall in love and get married?..m4a 3.97M
Lesson 26 Example 4 Can a man test and his fiancée get married?..m4a 5.34M
Lesson 26 Example 5 Is this person my future husband?..m4a 4.88M
Lesson 26 Example 6 Will they really get divorced?..m4a 7.73M
Lesson 26 Example 7 Can they make it through the year without getting divorced?..m4a 12.12M
Lesson 26, Example 8: Is he really willing to divorce me?..m4a 5.25M
Lesson 26 Example 9 Did it work out with him in the last two years?..m4a 6.08M
Lesson 27Example 10Should I abort an unwanted pregnancy?..m4a 4.51M
Lesson 27Example 11 Can I keep the fetus if I have a bad pregnancy?..m4a 1.96M
Lesson 27Example 12 Is the fetus healthy and will the mother and baby be safe at delivery..m4a 3.49M
Lesson 27Example 13Two miscarriages, now in the third trimester, will the baby be born safely this time?..m4a 4.89M
Lesson 27Example 14Can I have a successful pregnancy with IVF this month?..m4a 3.24M
Lesson 27Example 15Will IVF be successful this year?..m4a 2.90M
Lesson 27 Example 1 Want to have a chicken baby..m4a 4.20M
Lesson 27 Example 2 When will my wife be able to get pregnant?..m4a 6.17M
Lesson 27 Example 3 Will my wife be able to get pregnant this month?..m4a 3.57M
Lesson 27 Example 4 Is the wife pregnant?..m4a 1.29M
Lesson 27Example 5 Is it possible to get pregnant this month?..m4a 1.57M
Lesson 27Example 6The period is several days late..m4a 2.31M
Lesson 27Example 7Menstrual period is eight days late..m4a 1.87M
Lesson 27Example 8When will my sister have a baby?..m4a 1.73M
Lesson 27Example 9Are you pregnant this month?..m4a 3.94M
Lesson 27: The basics of divining pregnancy and childbirth..m4a 9.06M
Lesson 28 example 10 cafe owner suddenly unconscious, measuring the fortune..m4a 2.83M
Lesson 28 Example 11 How will the mother surgery tomorrow?..m4a 10.68M
Lesson 28 Example 12 The cousin newborn son is in the ICU, is his life in danger?..m4a 3.04M
Lesson 28 Example 13 Get the results of the medical exam tomorrow and ask if everything is normal…m4a 3.42M
Lesson 28 Example 1 Hearing that a colleague is sick..m4a 7.17M
Lesson 28 Example 2 Someone self-tests her health..m4a 4.42M
Lesson 28 Example 3 Recently, I\’ve been getting bumps on my body that itch and hurt..m4a 4.13M
Lesson 28 Example 4 A woman self-tests her illness and asks when she will be well…m4a 12.27M
Lesson 28 Example 5 A woman dreamed of her deceased mother summoning her father and asked him how his health would be…m4a 5.79M
Lesson 28 Example 6 How long will my father live if he is critically ill?..m4a 4.91M
Lesson 28 Example 7 Asking about the condition of a 93-year-old grandmother..m4a 5.91M
Lesson 28 Example 8 How many days does the husband grandmother have left to live?..m4a 3.53M
Lesson 28, Example 9: Grandma suddenly becomes partially paralyzed..m4a 4.81M
Lesson 28: The basics of divination disease and injury..m4a 19.76M

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