Zhang Zhishun Daoist Master Complete Collection of Vajra Longevity Gong/Dandao Practical Practice/Purity Sutra and other videos recordings documents

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/2021/21203. Zhang Zhishun Daoist Master Complete Collection
Vajra Longevity Gong
Eight Vajra Longevity Kungfu
Eight Vajra Kungfu
Longevity Gong
–South Mountain Hermitage Practitioner– Zhang Zhishun Lao Daoist Master_HD.mp4 228.56M
《The Eight Vajra Gungfu (clear)
The Eight Vajra Gungfu (clear)
The Eight Vajra Gungfu (clear)
The Eight Vajra Gungfu (clear)
Eight Parts of Longevity Kung Fu (Clear) – Daoist Master Xu Lihui Qian Yuan Guan Demonstration.flv 33.25M
Eight Vajra Longevity Kung Fu Complete.flv 212.63M
Eight Parts of Vajra Kung Fu (Clear)-Demonstration by Daoist Master Xu Lihui Qian Yuan Guan.flv 29.44M
Vajra Kung Fu.mp4 14.13M
New.ppt 1.68M
The Vajra Gung by Daoist Master Zhang Zhishun.mp4 106.44M
The Eight Longevity Kung Fu.mp4 106.44M
The Eight Longevity Gongs.MP4 362.20M
Eight Vajra Gongs.MP4 333.38M
Longevity Gong.flv 71.01M
Longevity Gong.mp4 221.94M
Master Tao complete demonstration of the eight Vajra kung fu.flv 26.59M
Master Tao explains the origin of Vajra Kung.mp4 270.73M
Master Tao demonstration of Longevity Kung Fu.mp4 444.24M
Vajra Kung Fu_0_Starting Momentum.mp4 14.23M
Vajra Kung Fu_1_Hands in the Top of the Triple Jiao.mp4 9.97M
Vajra Gong_2_Hands and feet before and after the kidney and waist.mp4 21.33M
Vajra gong_3_Tuning the spleen and skin requires a single lift.mp4 16.74M
Vajra_4_Left liver and right lungs like shooting eagles.mp4 27.87M
Vajra Gong_5_Looking back at the feet to go to the heart disease.mp4 10.86M
Vajra_6_Looking backwards at the five labors and seven injuries.mp4 12.68M
Vajra Kung Fu_7_Phoenix Spreads Its Wings Around Its Body.mp4 26.78M
Vajra Kung Fu_8_Two Feet, One Foot, One Drink.mp4 7.03M
Vajra Kung Fu (A knife teacher Pudong lecture record.flv 8.78M
Vajra Kung Fu Essentials Detailed.flv 57.05M
Xu Lihui Daoist Longevity Kung Fu demonstration (compressed version).mp4 74.63M
Xu Lihui Daoist Master teaches the original version of Longevity Gong with subtitles.mp4 58.19M
Daoist Master Xu Lihui Vajra Kung Fu demonstration (compressed version).mp4 64.92M
Zhang Zhishun Daoist Master—-Vajra and Longevity Gong_HD.mp4 410.97M
Zhang Zhishun Daochang Eight Parts of Vajra Gong (Full Version).wmv 557.48M
Zhang Daochang actual practice of the Tao of Dan
01 Eight Immortal Palace – Zhang Zhishun Daoist Master Dan Tao Practical Training Class 1.flv 20.37M
02 八仙宮-张至顺道長丹道实修班2.flv 25.88M
03 八仙宮-张至顺道長丹道实修班3.flv 41.14M
05 Eight Immortals Palace – Zhang Zhishun Daoist Leader Dandao Practical Class 5.flv 2.96M
06 Wanshou Baxiangong Zhang Zhishun Daoist Leader Dan Dao Practical Training Class 6 – Zhuyou Xiaozhu.mp3 25.54M
07 萬寿八仙宮张至顺道長丹道实修第7课-竹悠小筑.mp3 28.58M
08 Wanshou Baxian Palace Zhang Zhishun Daoist Master Dan Dao Practical Training Lesson 8 – Zhuyou Xiaozhu.mp3 21.87M
Master Tao answers questions about the Wordless Book of Heaven.Mp3 2.14M
Master Dao explains Taiyi Jinhua tenets (gas source flow 157 pages back to the light to keep in).mp3 73.06M
Master Taiyi Laojun speaks on the Sutra of Constant Clarity.mp3 4.79M
Zhang Daochang speaks on the first and last paragraph of the Sutra of Clearing and Tranquillity.mp3 10.08M
Chang Dao Chang Audio MP3
The Cultivation of the Terminal South
20140626_001.mp3 1.49M
20140629_002.mp3 354.70kb
20140630_001.mp3 399.14kb
20140630_002.mp3 339.79kb
20140630_007.mp3 89.48kb
20140701_002.mp3 2.04M
20140702_002.mp3 670.83kb
November 16 Official Version.flv 277.13M
20140610_001.amr 278.66kb
20140626_001.amr 611.29kb
20140629_002.amr 141.47kb
20140630_001.amr 159.29kb
20140630_002.amr 135.54kb
20140630_003.amr 45.57kb
20140630_004.amr 95.97kb
20140630_007.amr 35.35kb
20140701_001.amr 175.16kb
20140701_002.amr 837.01kb
20140702_002.amr 267.88kb
20140707_004.amr 200.13kb
20140707_005.amr 158.54kb
20140709_001.amr 379.19kb
20140712_001.amr 317.66kb
20140712_002.amr 1.09M
20140717_002.amr 362.13kb
20140718_004.amr 1.08M
20140718_008.amr 905.22kb
20140721_007.amr 1.08M
20140722_003.amr 1.86M
20140723_002.amr 6.13M
20140723_002.mp3 61.35M
20140728_001.amr 465.91kb
20140728_004.amr 112.94kb
20140728_005.amr 275.57kb
20140728_006.amr 760.51kb
20140801_001.amr 162.10kb
20140801_002.amr 203.57kb
20140815_003.amr 478.94kb
20140816_003.amr 170.57kb
20140821_001.amr 1.15M
20140823_003.amr 383.47kb
20140826_003.amr 825.22kb
20140830_002.amr 749.57kb
20150329_124034.mp4 76.66M
20150329_124336.mp4 35.55M
2015 Duan Yang Festival Visiting Dojo Class.avi 940.47M
Summary of questions asked in the group from June 28-July 3..doc 32.00kb
July 11-16 group question summary.doc 544.50kb
July 16-July 29 group question summary.doc 42.50kb
July 3 – July 7 group question summary.doc 38.50kb
July 7-11 In-group Question Summary.doc 35.00kb
MAH00835.mp4 99.71M
VID_20140624_060341.mp4 84.41M
VID_20140709_072929.3gp 2.20M
VID_20140709_124620.3gp 4.29M
VID_20140711_101152.mp4 49.88M
Voice_016.m4a 3.24M
《Vajra Longevity Gong》 Textual Information (Zhang Zhishun Daoist) Scanned Version.pdf 26.07M
《Tai Shang Shen Yin Shi》.txt 3.13kb
Health Qigong 1962 Hu Yaozhen.pdf 293.32kb
Repudiation is not the Way.docx 14.07kb
Longevity gong three schools.doc 9.29M
Dazangjing.chm 183.60M
The Great Tantric Sutra: The Complete Handwritten.pdf 3.52M
Master Tao speaks (The Great Way is like a nest of peaks, seize the prince and do not relax).mp3 4.25M
Master Dao speaks of the heart and virtue.
Master Tao Guide to Jing Gong.txt 0.62kb
Master Tao instructions on how to chant.doc 22.50kb
Taoist Master Singing.amr 297.88kb
Imitation Buddha Talks About Tao Record-4_Taiji Three Great Philosophies.pdf 2.94M
Personal Information.doc 37.00kb
Announcement about someone illegally selling Master Dao information.docx 197.05kb
Vajra Kung Fu Three Schools.doc 11.68M
Enlightenment – Purgatory is not the Way.m4a 6.21M
Laozi《Daodejing》The Way to Health.pdf 9.19M
A compilation of the Danjing sutras of the ages (full).chm 29.34M
The New.ppt 1.10M
Liang Dong and you red earth fortunate thing to listen to the 100-year-old Taoist chief health secrets.doc 2.08M
The secret of Luzu cultivation.pdf 20.66M
Mi Jingzi Good Advice for the World (Zhang Zhishun).pdf 6.03M
South Mountain Hermit.mp4 218.65M
Reverse Abdominal Breathing.pdf 322.86kb
NingBo QingJing on Vajra Starting Form.doc 20.00kb
Air Body Source Flow Up.pdf 30.91M
Air Body Source Flow Next.pdf 36.19M
Qing Jing Jing.txt 1.99kb
The Secret of Quanzhen.pdf 5.82M
The Secret of Quanzhen Taijiao Transmission of Immortal Discernment and Confusion The book of the Qing hand banknote.pdf 16.34M
Taijiquan accompaniment music extended version 《Mind is as still as water》 aka 《Rim》 (smooth) 1.mp3 768.00kb
Taiyi Jinhua Tenets with Q & A on Explanation (The best version of Jinhua Tenets).pdf 9.89M
Asking the Tao of Huang Zhong Gong Complete Version.avi 1.06G
Martial Spirit 2014 06.pdf 71.50M
Martial Spirit 2014 Issue 6.pdf 28.62M
Martial Spirit Special Ageless Return to Spring Kung Fu.pdf 2.51M
Cultivating the Way Song.docx 13.00kb
Cultivating the Edge of Immortality.mp3 3.95M
A knife eight vajra gong video tutorial [Online Play Address] [HD Download Address].txt 3.06kb
By the \”cultivation and practice of the Shunyang\” and education to practice martial arts and cultivation.m4v.flv 69.65M
Voice 022.m4a 1.20M
Chang Tao Chang Audio MP3.zip 7.83M
Zhang Zhishun Daoist preaching 22.m4a 31.56M
Zhang Zhishun Daoist Master (talking about guarding the Dantian and other gong methods).MP4 47.62M
Zhang Zhishun Daoist Master Taoist Health.flv 39.86M
Zhang Zhishun Daoist Leader Explains 《The Source of the Air Body》 Full Version_SD.flv 277.11M
Zhang Zhishun Daoist Master Final Mountain Practice Documentary.flv 75.07M
Zhang Zhishun I.mpg 768.85M
The Orthodox Taoist Collection.chm 32.10M
The Monks of Mount Zhongnan [by Oleander].pdf 10.33M

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