Ancient art holographic fusion diagnosis training video Li Weiping secret art course and formula information

Information name: ancient art holographic fusion diagnosis training video Li Weiping secret art course and formula information

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/2021/21212. Ancient Art Holographic Fusion Diagnosis Training Video Li Weiping Secret Art Course and Formula Information
Muscle Functional Anatomy for Classes.pdf 19.48M
Spectrum into the disease evidence secret method to send students.pdf 5.72M
Body Analysis.pdf 4.91M
Mr. Li Secret Technique Course Update
-Long and Short Legs.mp4 12.52M
-Breast Enhancement.mp4 153.97M
-Ancient Art Gynecology Basic Needle.mp4 309.87M
-Ancient Art Throat Holography.mp4 193.91M
-Ancient Art Abdominal Pushing.mp4 356.76M
-Ancient Art Ophthalmology.mp4 535.45M
-Osseous Femoral Head Necrosis.mp4 94.52M
-Slipped.mp4 63.41M
-Sensei Li Weiping speaks on the experience of Baxiao in treating male gynecology.mp4 670.62M
-Migraine.mp4 31.55M
-Shrinkage.mp4 349.61M
-Knee Pain.mp4 112.42M
-Orthopelvic.mp4 49.25M
-Early detection of tumors.mp4 179.28M
-Foot Root Pain.mp4 63.81M
-Sciatica.mp4 51.73M
Rhinitis Drug Formulation.mp4 487.89M
Rhinitis Drug Formulation 2.mp4 579.38M
Herpes zoster.mp4 146.43M
Pelvic rotation and slippage manipulation.mp4 141.70M
Hidden diseases in men and women.mp4 104.37M
Mammary Gland Enlargement.mp4 129.33M
Talking about precancerous lesion treatment.mp4 136.38M
Knee.mp4 91.42M
One Needle for Low Back Pain.mp4 14.50M
Li formula
1.jpg 107.03kb
10.jpg 134.58kb
11.jpg 100.29kb
12.jpg 72.69kb
13.jpg 76.42kb
14.jpg 62.51kb
2.jpg 130.53kb
3.jpg 110.39kb
4.jpg 128.46kb
5.jpg 103.98kb
6.jpg 91.15kb
7.jpg 127.20kb
8.jpg 125.96kb
9.jpg 126.81kb
Li Weiping Jutsu 2-Day Training
-Long and Short Legs.mp4 67.49M
-Gynecological Uterine Fibroid Experience.mp4 337.37M
-Hui Yin Acupuncture.mp4 315.12M
-Lee Weiping teacher speaks about the experience of Bazhao for male gynecology.mp4 670.62M
-One Needle Therapy.mp4 315.19M
-Sickness of Needle Phenomenon.mp4 146.73M
Rhinitis medicine preparation.mp4 671.07M
Day 1 Afternoon Summary.mp4 193.31M
Breast Enhancement.mp4 382.03M
Gynecological Fixation.mp4 212.88M
Ancient Art Abdominal Pushing.mp4 348.42M
Pelvic Rotation Shift.mp4 230.24M
Experience Formula.mp4 579.38M
Preamble.mp4 822.83M
Hips Tucked.mp4 849.77M
Eye Fixation.mp4 227.14M

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