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2011 Course Recording 01
1/22/11 Mr. Chen on the Five Elements.mp3 11.33M
February 12, 2011 Chen course audio.mp3 17.61M
February 13, 2011 – Mr. Chen course audio.mp3 12.84M
February 19, 2013 Mr. Chen course audio.mp3 28.23M
February 26, 2011 Mr. Chen course audio.mp3 7.47M
February 27th, 2011 Mr. Chen Digital Healing Feng Shui.mp3 17.18M
March 12, 11 Course audio.mp3 29.34M
March 19, 11 Mr. Chen course audio.mp3 37.27M
March 25, 2011 Course Recording.mp3 8.07M
March 28th, 2011 Mr. Chen answers.mp3 3.52M
March 30, 2011 Course Audio.mp3 10.91M
March 5, 11 Mr. Chen course voice.mp3 32.57M
April 16, 2011 Basic Lecture.mp3 29.93M
April 1, \’11 Mr. Chen course.mp3 36.00M
April 23rd, 2011 Theory of Pictorial Prediction.mp3 26.45M
April 29th, \’11 – The practical aspects of divination.mp3 31.86M
April 2, 11 – The eye of the law.mp3 12.15M
April 30, \’11 Practical Gua 2.mp3 26.75M
April 9, 2011 Dharma Eye View II.mp3 30.87M
2011 Course Recording 02
October 21, 11 word test feedback.mp3 3.20M
Oct 22nd, 2011 [New Technique].mp3 20.48M
Oct 29/11 I Ching Basics.mp3 32.19M
Nov 12, 11 Fine break the flow of the year.mp3 20.13M
Nov 19, 11 Techniques of Trigonometry.mp3 12.13M
November 26, 11 trigram techniques and layout.mp3 783.22kb
November 5, 11 from the trigram break.mp3 20.10M
December 04, 11 break character.mp3 20.57M
December 10, 11 Mr. Chen correspondence class course.mp3 17.03M
Answering questions on Dec 15, 11.mp3 23.46M
May 14, \’11 Disease Break.mp3 24.02M
May 21, 11 [Live fortune telling].mp3 12.31M
May 28th, 2011 [Marriage age].mp3 7.41M
May 6, \’11 Chen teacher course.mp3 29.12M
May 7, 2011 Job Break.mp3 12.71M
June 11, 11 – Feng Shui with Elephant and Numbers.mp3 33.22M
June 18, 11 Lesson Notes.mp3 16.64M
June 21, 11 Gua Gua.mp3 7.05M
June 25, 2011 Feng Shui in Yin and Yang Houses.mp3 17.34M
June 4, 11 Feng Shui break.mp3 17.43M
June 5, 11 – Feng Shui of the Elephant.mp3 17.85M
July 16, 11 trigram teaching.mp3 25.48M
July 18, 11 Fundamentals.mp3 22.17M
7/21/11 Basic Techniques.mp3 27.95M
7/23/11 Dharma Eye View.mp3 28.14M
July 26, 11 Basic Flow Year.mp3 11.59M
July 2/11 Trigram cut.mp3 26.55M
July 30, \’11 Dharma Eye View.mp3 11.55M
July 9, 11 [trigram training].mp3 31.12M
Aug 03, 11 Mr. Chen course.mp3 258.99kb
August 13, 11 important tips.mp3 24.83M
Aug 20, 11 Course.mp3 12.93M
August 21, 11 Course.mp3 35.66M
6/8/11 Dharma Eye View.mp3 9.38M
Sep 10/11 Successive Heavenly Bagua.mp3 28.57M
Sep 14, 11 practice trigram.mp3 16.51M
September 15, 11 must see techniques.mp3 35.46M
Sep 17, 11 – Break the yin and yang house.mp3 26.56M
September 22, 11 How to break six relatives.mp3 35.01M
9/24/11 Dharma Eye View.mp3 48.86M
2011 Course Recording Companion
20110227 Mr. Chen Course.doc 588.50kb
20110305 Chen Course.doc 1002.50kb
20110319 Chen Course.doc 4.45M
20110327 Chen Course.doc 472.00kb
20110327 Wang Dongliang Share.doc 1.08M
20110328 Mr. Chen Course.doc 136.50kb
20110402 [Dharma Eye View].doc 1.53M
20110409 [Dharma Eye View] No.2.doc 7.68M
20110416【Basic Explanation】.doc 2.37M
20110423 [theoretical basis of the prediction of the number of signs].doc 992.00kb
20110429 [Elephant Counting Practical Gua Technique 1].doc 1.95M
20110430 Elephant Counting Technique 2.doc 883.00kb
20110506 Mr. Chen Course.doc 1.58M
20110507 [break work].doc 673.00kb
20110514 [Break disease].doc 2.51M
20110521 [Live trigonometry].doc 1.06M
20110528 [Marriage age].doc 776.00kb
20110604 [Feng Shui].doc 5.23M
20110605 [Feng shui].doc 2.89M
20110611 [Feng Shui].doc 3.34M
20110618 Course.doc 4.23M
20110621 [Gua Gua].doc 601.50kb
20110625【Yin Yang House Feng Shui】.doc 4.01M
20110702 [trigram cut].doc 1.85M
20110709【Gua Gua Training】.doc 2.48M
20110716 [Teaching Trigram Break].doc 1.74M
20110718 [Basic Knowledge].doc 2.22M
20110721【Basic Techniques】.doc 1.47M
20110723 [Dharma Eye View].doc 3.59M
20110726【Basic flow year】.doc 1.06M
20110730 Mr. Chen Course.doc 1.26M
20110804 Course.doc 891.00kb
20110806 [Dharma Eye View Image].doc 744.00kb
20110813 [Important Tips].doc 566.50kb
20110820 Course.doc 41.50kb
20110910【Sequential Sky Bagua】.doc 386.50kb
20110914【Practice Duan Hanging】.doc 306.00kb
20110915【Technique explanation】.doc 230.50kb
20110915 Technique break marriage age.doc 251.00kb
20110917 [break yin and yang house].doc 2.34M
20110917 Break yin and yang house and dissolution.doc 835.50kb
20110924 [Dharma Eye View].doc 8.74M
20110924 Dharma Eye View.doc 2.28M
20111021 Dharma Eye View.doc 508.00kb
20111022 [New Technique].doc 72.00kb
20111029 Example Explanation.doc 109.00kb
20111029 I Ching Basics.doc 229.50kb
20111105 [Gua Gua Break].doc 1.01M
20111204 Course.doc 55.50kb
20111210 Chen Correspondence Course.doc 285.50kb
20111215 Mr. Chen Correspondence Course Questions Answered.doc 344.00kb

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