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/Feng Shui Meaning/2022/22654. Magic Candle Making Tutorial Compilation
01 Korean Scented Candle Course
Material Images
10 White Cloud Candle.flv 90.52M
11 Watermelon Candle.flv 76.98M
12 Candle Crystal Cups.flv 75.60M
13 Candle Dessert Cup.flv 122.23M
14 Korean Style Dried Flower Wax Plaque.flv 250.66M
15 Candle Framed Cake.flv 50.25M
1 Tools and Materials Explained (1).flv 75.89M
2 Basic Pillar Candles.flv 45.11M
3 Ice Flower Candles.flv 52.66M
4 Marble Candle.flv 55.58M
5Line Candle.flv 56.49M
6Cave Candle.flv 16.83M
7 Honeycomb Candle.flv 38.15M
8Stone Candle.flv 118.98M
9 Jewel Candles.flv 113.95M
02 Case Candle Sets
Semi-Permanent Plaster
Gradient Candles
Fantasy Burning Cups
Christmas Tree Candle
Hand-painted starry sky scenting plaster
Aroma Diffuser Plaster
Oil Painting Candle
03 Japanese dreamy gradient candles three
1.flv 76.12M
11.flv 105.67M
04 Oil Painting Gradient Candles Two
1.flv 110.07M
11.flv 142.81M
05 Plaster candle making method
Part of the small video
Super full super awesome super comfortable color scheme set
Candle Information
Color 2
Documentation section
Making Videos
06 Special Candle Making
Massage Oil Candle.mp4 270.90M
Gemstone Candles.mp4 424.85M
Demonstration of cup wax and mold candles.mp4 463.60M
Preparation process for laminating practice.mp4 211.99M
Making the ice flower wax.mp4 218.38M
Making a dried flower wax box.mp4 202.65M
Understanding various waxes.mp4 198.78M
Making silicone molds.mp4 310.89M
Making jelly wax.mp4 631.99M
Making Wax Pieces.mp4 289.19M
Candle Web Course Phase I.mp4 2.44G
Roses Series.mp4 1.34G
Plaster Patterns (II).mp4 336.07M
Plaster Pattern Demo.mp4 316.56M
Five Petal Flower Series.mp4 786.67M
Making of Stalactite Candles.mp4 178.56M

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