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/Feng Shui Meaning/2022/22757. Medicine Gong Wanfu Spells
01. Medicine Gong Divine Altar Pose
1 (1)..mp4 7.83M
02、Qi Shi cut evil talisman, up to catch evil water bowl method, collect ghosts off ghost orders, hanging ghosts yoke ghost
1.mp4 10.20M
2.mp4 17.65M
03, carry a peace talisman 80 yuan
1.mp4 7.54M
04、Collection of fright; 60 yuan
1.mp4 10.24M
05、Jiu Long Hua Ka Shui; $60
1.mp4 10.54M
06, the patient eight trigrams to collect the soul spell method;
1.mp4 12.06M
07、Stop bleeding mantra;
11.mp4 11.14M
08、Ruling talisman of the Holy Mother of God, White Law Ancestor talisman, Thousand Jin brother talisman, Ten Thousand Brother talisman, General Wang talisman (five in line with the use of curing evil and retreating evil techniques);
1.mp4 16.52M
2.mp4 2.80M
09, An Dragon God to promote wealth into the gold prosperity talisman (16 in line with the painting a stick in the home, stores to attract wealth and promote wealth); 600 yuan
1.mp4 10.35M
10, the bed to retreat sickness talisman;
1.mp4 12.14M
11、San Di General retreating from illness talisman (lost soul, epilepsy); $150
1.mp4 17.05M
12、Children night cry amulet;
1 (1).mp4 10.97M
13、The peace amulet for all the evil spirits in the house
1.mp4 11.38M
14、Doing business to attract wealth amulet; 150
1.mp4 6.31M
15, to avoid evil spell; 80 yuan
1.mp4 7.44M
16、Laojun five thunder to drive away evil and fight monsters amulet;
1.mp4 7.71M
17, go out and heal the sick with storage method (to protect themselves);
1.mp4 15.90M
18, the sky will protect the disease talisman (so that the disease no longer worsen); 100
1.mp4 9.86M
19, serious illness Kanzao spiritual talisman (can also resolve the offense of the year to get sick unfavorable bad);
1.mp4 11.96M
20, the protection of the family repatriation evil not into the house talisman (black road Zhuque, two road sheep blade, blood blade, retreat, eight defeated, wolf, etc. all the evil stars do not enter the house, the evil stars into the ding not smooth, not prosperous financial resources);
1.mp4 14.50M
2.mp4 14.99M
21, five thunder alarm ghost method;
1 (1) (1).mp4 9.03M
22、Children send dark talisman (retreat all children off brake);
1.mp4 8.31M
23、Solving the three worlds of injustice and debtors spiritual talisman;
1 (1).mp4 12.21M
24, home security land dragon god method (to protect the family peace, more wealth and more blessings);
1 (1).mp4 12.21M
1.mp4 17.30M
68-77 secret recipe is over here
68, special spells to resolve anti-inflammatory and pain relief
69, skin universal cream; 100
70、Anti-epidemic tea drink and anti-epidemic balm method; $60
71、Longevity and longevity method; $200
72、Resolving lumbar spine and shoulder disc protrusion spells
73, medicine Gong Hui Chun overlord tea; 300 yuan
74, medicine Gong over the teaching of internal refining method, 300
75, the innate Taoist energy strong body does not collapse method, 300 yuan
76, medicine Gong drive change method, 200
77, medicine formula weight loss special immortal law, 200
mmexport1584679178026.jpg 152.16kb
mmexport1584679184453.jpg 152.16kb
mmexport1584682568372.jpg 170.09kb
78, Guanyin medicine Qian three hundred for difficult and miscellaneous diseases to invite God under the invitation

1.mp4 15.90M

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