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/Feng Shui Meaning/2022/22995. Psychic Archangel Course
01 Connecting with the Inner Child
1. Seeds of the Stars Enter the Mortal World Dance of the Moon and Stars – John Adorney.mp4 54.13M
2. Entering the Childhood Trauma Zone Israel Amei Helm & Gila Antara – Lo Yisa Goy.mp4 7.78M
3. The Long River of Life Is Flowing Gila Antara – The River Is Flowing.mp4 14.92M
4. Go Back and Hug That Wounded Child Michael Brant DeMaria – Siyotanka.mp4 6.44M
5, Release Freedom Hsu Ching-yuen – Maiden Mantra of Happiness (short version of the Green Dukkha Heart Mantra chant) – 3rd Angel Course Lesson 1.mp3 207.22M
02 Family of Origin
1. Relax, Meditate Enoshima Observatory – Featherfield Joe Shi.mp3 8.97M
2. Soul Active Choice Parent Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo (Adi Mantra)-Amrit Kirtan.mp3 16.62M
3. Growing up under the influence of parents Idé Weré Weré-Deva Premal.mp3 18.32M
4. Healing The Relationship With Parents Flying Saucer Music Hang Massive – Once Again – 2011 ( hang drum duo ) ( HD ).mp4 60.70M
Session 2 Explanatory Part.mp3 109.86M
Session 2 Meditation Section.mp3 54.93M
Music Writing Soul Retrospective.mp3 16.84M
03 Release the Body Jam
Audio Description
1. Body All Relaxed Once We Were Angels-Stefano Mocini.mp3 4.64M
10. Return to Peace Les beautés d’atlantis-Michel Pépé.mp3 12.82M
2. Back to the Body Wounded Time Illuminati-AudioMachine.mp3 4.30M
3. Sound Shatters Wounded Memories Daniel Waples – hang drum solo – HD.mp4 9.05M
4. Continue releasing Andes Drums.wmv 4.12M
5. Healing The Andes Forest.wmv 2.62M
6. After release, the body dances again Andes Dance Rhythm.wmv 4.66M
7. Awakening the body earth memory Leo Rojas – El Condor Pasa.mp4 49.29M
8. The Body Natural Rhythm Sun Dance-Various Artists.mp3 8.53M
9. Dance Fiercely Summer-David Garrett.mp3 1.48M
04 Activating the Body DNA
Sanctuary of the Archangel Raphael.mp4 50.09M
Lesson 4 Explanation 1.mp3 4.30M
Lesson 4 Meditation Before Class.mp3 11.85M
Lesson 4 Musical Dynamic Meditation.mp3 30.49M
05 Connecting Guiding Spirits, Guardian Angels
1. Lesson 5 Meeting Guiding Spirits and Guardian Angels Lecture 1.mp3 32.31M
2. Lesson 5: Meeting Guiding Spirits and Guardian Angels Candlelight Meditation.mp3 9.30M
3. Lesson 5: Meeting Guiding Spirits and Guardian Angels Explanation 2.mp3 28.76M
4. Lesson 5 Meeting Guiding Spirits and Guardian Angels Archangel Mike.mp3 9.41M
5. Lesson 5: Meeting Guiding Spirits and Guardian Angels Explained 3.mp3 12.26M
6. Lesson 5: Meeting Guiding Spirits and Guardian Angels Free Writing Music Writing.mp3 17.43M
7. Lesson 5: Meeting Guiding Spirits and Guardian Angels Meditation Part.mp3 44.99M
Blue Sky by Alexandro Querevalú.mp4 46.34M
Lesson 5 Music Writing Soul Searching and Direction Saving Juno-Choying Drolma.mp3 14.46M
Lesson 5 Free Dance Music 1. Letting Memories Rise with the Dance (1).mp4 39.28M
Lesson 5 Free Dance Music 2. Free yourself from all soul limitations, life is a journey of celebration

.mp4 5.44M
06 Entering the Angelic Sanctuary
1. Lesson 6 Free Dance Spring in pink Pink Swirl (Spring).mp4 6.67M
1. Lesson 6 Explanation 1.mp3 16.65M
2. Lesson 6 Free Dance Michel Teló-Ai Se Eu Te PEgo.mp3 6.44M
3. Lesson 6 Explanation 2.mp3 14.04M
4. Lesson 6 Archangel Gabriel Sanctuary.mp3 6.02M
5. Lesson 6 Lecture 3.mp3 24.09M
6. Lesson 6 Free Writing.mp3 18.46M
7. Sixth Lesson Exposition 4.mp3 8.73M
Lesson 6 Meditation Section Return to the Angelic Sanctuary and Activate Angelic Energy.mp3 60.57M
Lesson 6 Music Writing Ron Korb – Elk Man Prophecy.mp3 6.63M
07 Opening Angel Wings Clearing the Third Eye
1. Lesson 7 Explanation 1.mp3 27.02M
2. Lesson 7 Candlelight Meditation Clearing the Third Eye.mp3 12.07M
3. Lesson 7 Explanation 2.mp3 9.78M
4. Lesson 7: Archangel Jophiel.mp3 8.45M
5. Lesson 7 Explanation 3.mp3 26.30M
6. Lesson 7 Free Writing Music Writing.mp3 15.91M
7. Lesson 7 Explanation 4.mp3 1.93M
8. Lesson 7 Lecture 5 The White Crystal Ball.mp3 3.58M
Journey to the Sanctuary of the Archangel Jophiel.mp4 98.97M
Lesson 7 Meditation Part Open Angel Wings.mp3 56.96M
Lesson 7 Music Writing Activating Divine Magical Power ENIGMA – MMX Social Song – First version Official.mp4 67.47M
Lesson 7 Free Dance 1.mp3 7.06M
Seventh Lesson Freedom Dance 2.mp3 4.82M
Class 7 Free Dance 3 (for those who still can\’t let go) Erotic Continent – Yegase Taro with Komatsu Ryota.mp4 13.33M
08 Open Your Akashic Records
1. Lesson 8 Explanation 1.mp3 17.91M
2. Lesson 8: Candlelight Meditation.mp3 12.19M
3. Lesson 8 Explanation 2.mp3 34.97M
4. Lesson 8: Free Writing.mp3 17.18M
5. Lesson 8 Akashic Records Explained.mp3 15.54M
6. Lesson 8 Meditation Section Entering the Akashic Hall and Reading the Pre-Birth Plan of the Soul.mp3 56.72M
7. Eighth Class Free Dance Music 1. Blossoming in the Wide World Tatanka-Amernan.mp3 12.95M
09 Unsealing
1. Ninth Lesson Explanation.mp3 8.46M
Lesson 2. Lesson 9: Candlelight Meditation.mp3 11.64M
3. Lesson 9: Angel Oracle Cards Explained.mp3 26.20M
4. Ninth Lesson Free Writing Music Writing.mp3 19.04M
Lesson 9 Soul Sealing and Sexual Energy Explained.mp3 17.99M
6. Lesson 9 Meditation Section Contacting Soul Seals, Clearing Cumulative Sexual Energy.mp3 63.31M
Lesson 9 Music Writing Love Trauma Healing La Galana y el Mar-Ana Alcaide.mp3 8.92M
Lesson 9: Free Dance 1. Shattering Wounded Cell Memories Purple Passion-Diana Boncheva.mp3 8.76M
Lesson 9: Freedom to Dance 2. Massive Total Shattering, Rebirth in the Big Bang Charli XCX-Boom Clap.mp3 6.76M
Lesson 9 Free Dance 3. Returning to the Calm of the Stream of Life Spring Song-Ho Xuntian.mp3 8.69M
10 Back to Atlantis
1. Lesson 10 Explanation Homework Assignment.mp3 9.73M
2. Lesson 10 Lecture Candlelight Meditation.mp3 12.90M
3. Lesson 10 Explanation.mp3 81.87M
4. Lesson 10 Meditation Part Back to Atlantis.mp3 71.16M
11 Mother Star Energy
1. Lesson 11 Lecture.mp3 22.60M
2. Eleventh Lesson Candlelight Meditation.mp3 9.18M
3. Eleventh Lesson Free Writing.mp3 17.74M
4. Eleventh Lesson Alien Soul Theme Explained.mp3 24.53M
5. Lesson 11: Back to the Home Planet Meditation.mp3 76.73M
12 Angelic Mentor Transmissions
1. Preface Candlelight Meditation.mp3 21.47M
2. Explanation.mp3 4.26M
3. Angelic Mentor Transmission (maybe not clear).mp3 4.67M
4. Angelic Teacher Transmission (clear).mp3 4.36M
5. Explanation – Mind Map Course Summary.mp3 66.16M
. 6. Free Writing.mp3 9.98M
7. Lecture.mp3 13.13M
Sending – Witch to open your chakras
The MBA Witch takes you to enlightenment.pdf 138.01M
The Witch takes you to open your chakras.avi 436.36M
Student Assignment
. Canyon Questionnaire Summary.docx 805.91kb
3rd Angel Course Questionnaire Big K.docx 804.27kb
3rd Angel Course Questionnaire Yuner.docx 802.02kb
3rd Angel Course Questionnaire Course Summary Xiaojie.docx 851.83kb
3rd Angel Course Questionnaire-Binbin.docx 805.58kb
3rd Angel Course Questionnaire Doris.docx 783.40kb
3rd Angel Course Questionnaire Fanqing.docx 796.48kb
3rd Angel Course Questionnaire Yue\’er.docx 807.31kb
Questionnaire.docx 13.58kb
Min Journey.docx 11.88kb
Third Angel Course Participant Insights.doc 217.00kb
Angel Class Summary.docx 16.03kb

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