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Open the treasury to replenish the fortune, open the door of wealth, so that money can come in, grasp the opportunity to prosperity, the home can not keep the wealth – not gather wealth crack

This course is the 23rd generation of the Quanzhen Longmen School of Xuan descent disciple Sun Zongping Sun Taoist chief first passed on the secret method, Sun Taoist chief teacher under the Shanglixia Lan Gao Gong Grand Master, Shangqing Zongtan Chuandu disciple, Kundao scribe Gao Gong, proficient in the fate of the prediction, Yin and Yang Feng Shui, Gao Gong Ke Yi and other legal subjects

The purpose of this transmission is to pass on an orthodox and inherited, simple, practical and quick secret method in the age of fish and dragon.

One: open the treasury law (open the treasury to replenish the fortune, open the door of wealth, so that money can come in, to grasp the opportunity to prosperity, the family can not keep the wealth – not gather money crack, applicable to earn money, money will be spent, business lost money crowd with this law half the effort)

Second: Guanyin borrowing money (for their own fate of wealth is not good, the fortune is not ideal, the eight characters lack of wealth – less wealth, no treasury or want to pursue more wealth of the blessings of the Lord, can be changed in a short period of time, change their energy magnetic field, improve their own fortune, so that they have a wide source of wealth)
Three: the god of wealth to attract wealth method (this method can make the eight sides of the wealth of the constant influx, regardless of positive and partial wealth, open the eight sides of the treasury, wide range of eight sources of wealth, applicable to stores – companies – business – entrepreneurs – to attract wealth – to recruit noble people)
Four: promote peach blossom art (through the Tao method for you to attract gold peach blossom luck, increase their own attraction to the opposite sex, enhance your social relations, increase people and interpersonal relationships, increase the magnetic field, so that the other party to take the initiative to you to pursue, suitable for want to go peach blossom luck – promote people, increase their own charm to change the fortune of single men and women)
Five: Want Wenchang method (feng shui luck to make Wenchang position more prosperous, enhance the fortune of clerical staff, scholars, to help the mind clear, flexible, whether learning or work can go to the next level, for the examination is not ideal, learning work is not smooth for the crowd)
Six: solve the lawsuit mouth is illegal (this method can make people enhance their own aura, solve the work in life in the speech caused by misunderstandings, disputes, quarrels, scolding type of mouth and tongue right and wrong, if the mouth and tongue lawsuit are available to solve this method)
Seven: Secret Nine Dragons Bone Melting Water (Primary)

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July 16-17 Listening Document
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