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Kunlun School practical talisman secret method three just
1 Tai Shang Lao Jun alchemy body protection and security talisman (not only can protect peace but also can dissolve the Taiyang)
2 Twelve Earth Branches talisman (not only can resolve the feng shui in the direction of the earth branches of the evil, but also can be applied at the same time with the security talisman)
3 Ten Heavenly Stems amulet (the universal effect of Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches is better)
4 Eight trigrams security talisman (eight trigrams, one talisman for each trigram)
5 Four seasons security talisman
The above 36 talisman method in addition to the Laojun alchemy security talisman, all the remaining talisman Yin and Yang house are available.

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1. Tai Shang Lao Jun Alchemy Defense Security Talisman.docx 2.10M
2. The Twelve Earth Branches Talisman.docx 1.73M
3. Ten Heavenly Stems Talisman.docx 1.27M
4. Eight Trigrams.docx 1.08M
5. Four Seasons.docx 420.46kb
6. The method of replenishing heart power (Seven True Symbols).docx 391.71kb
Answer.docx 11.96kb
Course introduction.docx 11.49kb
Kunlun School Taiyi Jindan Talisman (Thirty Six Talismans).mp3 7.13M

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