Yuanchen Palace transit method audio tutorial Xu Ruiguang also known as Yuanchen Palace luck-opening techniques, spiritual feng shui 1-4 period

Information name: Yuanchen Gong transit method audio tutorial Xu Ruiguang also known as Yuanchen Gong luck-opening technique, spiritual feng shui 1-4 period

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/2021/21239. Yuanchen Gong Transit Method Audio Tutorial Xu Ruiguang also known as Yuanchen Gong Luck Opening Technique, Feng Shui of the Mind 1-4
Issue 1
Healer Documents
Code of Ethics.pdf 112.24kb
Case Guidance.pdf 305.01kb
Introductory Oath.pdf 48.01kb
Nada Himalaya 1 Meditation.mp3 71.64M
Nada Himalaya 2 Meditation.mp3 36.89M
Sri Anada Ma Golden Light Teaching Singing.mp3 12.70M
After Class Music.mp3 24.69M
Pre-Lesson Music.mp3 29.09M
DAY1-Afternoon Meditation.mp3 26.92M
DAY2-Q&A_Case Audio.mp3 309.41M
DAY3-Meditation on Light 40 minutes.MP3 67.31M
DAY3-Collective Genchenkyo Meditation.MP3 148.71M
DAY3-Lakshmi.MP3 33.48M
DAY3-Meditation Q&A.MP3 22.13M
DAY3-Morning Meditation.MP3 42.61M
Group Photo
Group Photo
Day 2
Day1.MP3 57.14M
Day2- Meditation for Healing.MP3 41.33M
Day3-QA.MP3 329.44M
Day3- Meditation for Healing.MP3 382.64M
Closing Ceremony Music.mp3 13.39M
Day1_Meditation.mp3 65.31M
Day2_Meditation on Light.mp3 39.97M
Day3_Viewing Your Own Yuanchen Palace.mp3 37.42M
Group Photo
Certificate Personal Photo
Personal Photo
L1010327.jpg 13.26M
L1010335.jpg 13.04M
L1010342.jpg 13.41M
L1010346.jpg 11.39M
L1010353.jpg 13.62M
L1010364.jpg 11.41M
L1010374.jpg 13.28M
L1010375.jpg 10.10M
L1010381.jpg 14.43M
L1010386.jpg 12.81M
L1010391.jpg 12.81M
L1010397.jpg 12.10M
L1010404.jpg 12.71M
L1010410.jpg 12.79M
L1010413.jpg 13.35M
L1010422.jpg 12.96M
L1010426.jpg 12.74M
L1010433.jpg 13.24M
L1010437.jpg 13.24M
L1010442.jpg 11.09M
L1010448.jpg 12.62M
L1010454.jpg 12.98M
L1010466.jpg 13.36M
L1010469.jpg 11.53M
L1010475.jpg 12.63M
L1010481.jpg 12.21M
L1010488.jpg 12.42M
L1010493.jpg 12.10M
L1010504.jpg 12.75M
L1010510.jpg 13.40M
L1010516.jpg 12.51M
L1010521.jpg 12.65M
L1010528.jpg 13.10M
L1010533.jpg 13.60M
L1010538.jpg 12.32M
L1010544.jpg 12.97M
L1010550.jpg 13.98M
L1010561.jpg 9.88M
L1010567.jpg 12.27M
L1010577.jpg 11.21M
L1010588.jpg 12.19M
L1010591.jpg 11.68M
L1010597.jpg 12.68M
L1010606.jpg 13.53M
L1010610.jpg 9.95M
Group Photos
L1010287.JPG 13.97M
L1010290.JPG 14.16M
L1010291.JPG 14.10M
L1010297.JPG 13.86M
L1010298.JPG 13.46M
L1010300.JPG 14.01M
L1010302.JPG 13.77M
L1010303.JPG 13.77M
Unity Music.mp3 16.64M
Doris Opens the Altar Teaching One.mp3 15.68M
Doris Opening the Altar Threads of Incense II.mp3 29.08M
Day Two Meditation II.mp3 6.16M
Day Two Meditation One.mp3 10.45M
Unity Blessing.mp3 41.18M
Golden Light Red Light White Light Meditation.mp3 23.78M
Rui Guang Teacherfor Good Mind.mp3 3.87M
Bedtime Meditation.mp3 40.53M

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