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Taoist True Transmission Technique Class
The present transmission of the Master Lee to the Gang Lee Taoist was born in the Taoist family, since childhood contact with easy learning, since the study of Taoism around to visit the Taoist and folk magic of the high people, when the young transmission in the Dragon Tiger Mountain after converting in the whole true Longmen School, with the teacher lived in the temple for a few years, won the true transmission of all kinds of magic and the benefactor esteem and love

Course content

I: Yang house enlightenment method (land inviting wealth method)
Applicable to stores or families that can not be dedicated to the god of wealth, can play a rapid effect of attracting wealth, such as the operation of the law three to seven days to see results
Two: Yin house enlightenment method
Yin house is not good, the air field is chaotic, with the Yin house to open the law purification and conditioning
Three: the law to promote debt
This method can not be used indiscriminately, only to the wrong person with the
Four: the law of breaking the law of the mistress (anti affair law)
Today society is too chaotic karma, used for self-defense and disconnect the accidental marriage is very good to use
Five: a thousand with a thousand spirit and legal
Very good, a use of the secret method of the spirit

This course is a special gift to draw talisman spiritual method can be used to this law degree pen, degree talisman, open sword finger this course as the law operation 3-7 days to see the effect, and the effect is very dominant, universal use of all the spirit

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/Feng Shui Meaning/22B/09/22B09136. Li Zhigang – True Taoist Technique Class
1 The Spiritual Method of Drawing Charms
1 Draw a talisman for spirituality
2 Opening Sword Finger
1 Drawing talisman spiritual method lecture content.docx 2.53M
2 Yang house opening method (land attraction method)
1.jpg 264.04kb
2.jpg 899.26kb
2 Yang house enlightenment law.docx 2.83M
2 Yang house enlightenment law.mp4 6.82M
3 debt collection method
1. jpg 296.44kb
3 debt collection method.docx 844.70kb
3 debt collection method.mp4 3.87M
4 break the junior, anti affair law
1.jpg 322.11kb
4, break small three, anti affair law.mp4 2.25M
4, break the small three.docx 535.28kb
5. Thousand with a thousand Ling and legal
5 Thousands with Thousands of Spirits and Legal.docx 823.95kb
6. Yin house enlightenment method
1.jpg 937.34kb
2.jpg 891.74kb
3.jpg 1.05M
4. Back side.jpg 1.05M
5.jpg 1.01M
6.jpg 882.69kb
6 Yin house enlightenment method.docx 5.42M
7 Sanshan Finger.mp4 1.83M
Pendulum Method.jpg 784.87kb
Taoist Folk Art Course Content.docx 4.20M
Taoist Folk Art.jpg 97.06kb
Introduction.txt 1.12kb

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