River Island Blind School Bazi 2017 video course plus handouts Four Pillars Bazi practical tutorial

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River Island Folk Blind School of Eight Characters Numerology and Practice

01-Teaching Video Lecture 1.avi

02-Numerology Lecture 2 kk 2017-10-23 20-04-34.avi

03-The third lecture of the blind school of numerology of River Island kk 2017-10-25 20-03-52.avi

04-河之洲盲派八字命理教学视频第四講kk 2017-10-27 20-00-38.avi

05-河之洲盲派八字命理第五講kk 2017-10-30 20-01-37.avi

06-河之洲民盲派八字命理教学视频第六講kk 2017-11-01 20-02-04.avi

07-河之洲盲派八字命理教学视频第7講kk 2017-11-06 20-00-36阴阳五行.avi

08-河之洲盲派八字命理第八講天干地支kk 2017-11-08 20-02-47.avi

09-河之洲盲派八字命理教学视频第九講kk 2017-11-10 20-11-43.avi

10-河之洲盲派八字命理教学视频第十講 kk 2017-11-13 20-00-38.avi

11-河之洲民盲派第十一講 kk 2017-11-15 20-00-16.avi

12-河之洲盲派八字命理教学视频第十二講kk 2017-11-17 19-59-44.avi

13-河之洲盲派八字命理教学视频第十三講kk 2017-11-20 20-00-55.avi

14-He Zhi Zhou Blind School Eight Character Numerology Teaching Video Lecture Fourteen kk 2017-11-22 19-59-46.avi

15-河之洲盲派八字命理教学视频第十五講kk 2017-11-24 20-01-44.avi

16-河之洲盲派八字命理教学视频第十六講kk 2017-11-27 20-56-42.avi

17-河之洲盲派八字命理教学视频第十七段kk 2017-11-29 20-03-27.avi

18-Session 18 on.wmv

18-The 18th lesson next.wmv

18-河之洲盲派八字命理教学视频第18课(合成)kk 2017-12-01 20-00-50.avi

19-河之洲盲派八字命理第二十九講kk 2018-01-03 20-03-17.mp4

19-Lecture Yearly Luck Pass.wmv

20-21 Lecture.wmv

22-video lecture 22 kk 2017-12-11 20-01-45.mp4

23-video lecture 23 career.wmv

24-The 24th lecture rich hierarchy.wmv

25-Session 25, Six Relatives I.wmv

26-Session 26 Discussion.wmv

26-Session 26 1 Discussion.wmv

27. Section 27 Six relatives 2.wmv

28- Section 28 Sickness and Disaster.wmv

30- Lecture 30.wmv

31- Lecture 31 Summary of the 30 lessons.wmv

Lecture 1 look at the life into the equation combination configuration.docx

Lecture 2: Searching for the eight characters, specializing in wealth and official.docx

Lecture 3: Using live image method (1).docx


Lecture 4: Using Gods and Furies to observe life and fortune.docx


Lecture 5: Blindness Tips and Techniques.docx


Sixth lecture: \”The best techniques of the jungle, the most flexible and changeable.docx


Lecture 7: Numerology Basics Yin Yang Five Elements.docx


Lecture 8 Numerology Basics Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches.docx

Lecture 9: Fundamentals of Numerology Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches (2).docx

Lecture 10: Fundamentals of Numerology Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches (3).docx

Lecture 11 Fundamentals of Numerology Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches (4).docx

Lecture 12 Fundamentals of Numerology Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches (V).docx

Lecture 13: Fundamentals of Numerology Yen and Ten Gods.docx


Lecture 14: Numerology Basics Ten Gods.docx


Lecture 15: Numerology Basics Ten Gods (2).docx


Lecture 19 Practice (4) Age and Luck Passage.docx


Lecture 20: The key to practice (5) Yearly luck pass.docx


Lecture 22: \”The Way of the World\” (7) \”The Year\” (Education).docx


Lecture 23: \”The Way of the World\” (8) \”The Profession\”.docx

Lecture 24: \”The Way of the World\” (9) \”Levels of Wealth and Nobility\”.docx

Lecture 26-27 Practical method (12) Six relatives and three levels (2).doc

Lecture 28: \”The Method of Practice (13) The Disaster of Disease.docx

Lecture 29: The Method of Practical Combat (XIV) The Disaster of Disability.docx


Lecture 30: The Law of Practice (15) The Disaster of Jail.docx

Recording of 14 sessions

Renosu data collection

《Meihua Yiwu》 萬物类象.txt

Divination Proper.txt

River Island – Blind School Stereoscopic Imaging Eight Character Numerology Group Share Steps to Criticize Fate

Recorded on 2017-02-20-20:54:33 [Length: 54:34.41].wav

River Island–Blind School Stereoscopic group for Kexin to approve the eight characters

Recorded on 2017-02-13-8:49:55 [Length: 18:44.19].wav

River Island–Blind School how to see the rich and poor and the way to do the work of the second

Recorded on 2016-12-23-21:2:57 [Length: 61:52.40].wav

River Island–How the blind school sees the rich and poor and the way to do merit one

Recorded on 2016-12-22-20:53:16 [Length: 78:34.52].wav

River Island commentary on the eight characters of the group members bowing their heads and doing their work

recorded on 2017-01-08-9:37:53 [length: 24:2.77].wav

Commenting on the fortune for the group member Jin Yu Man Tang

recorded on 2017-01-03-22:29:2 [length: 35:46.74].wav

River Island folk blind school of eight fortune telling and practical (class just).docx

Application of Sixty A-Zi Table (Shao Weihua).doc

Sixty Azi Nayin Five Elements Table.doc

Sixty Azi Nayin Five Elements Table with Shorthand Mnemonics.doc

Blind School Common Methods.docx

Thousand Mile Life Script.txt

Three Fates Complete Book WORD Version.doc

Three Fates Finger Fuzzy.doc

Shao Weihua selection of the period of breaking should.doc


Divine Fate.doc

Talking about Blind School Eight Characters Numerology (I).docx

Talking about Blind School Eight Character Numerology (2).docx


Yuanhai Ziping.doc


Original Note on Dripping Heavenly Pith.doc

Re-reading 《Ziping Commentary on the True Commentary》 Essays.doc

Chinese Shakyamuni Gubb Lecture on General Theory of Righteousness – Zhu Chenbin.txt

Ziping True Commentary-North Sea Scatterer.doc

Commentary on Ziping True Commentary.doc

Original Commentary on Zi Ping True Commentary (No Commentary Version).doc

Ziping Golden Mouth.doc

Course introduction

He Zhizhou has been studying Bazi numerology for more than 30 years. At the beginning, he was introduced by a famous local fortune teller, uncle, and became interested in Bazi. The company main business is to provide a wide range of services and services to the public. The benefits are immense, He Zhizhou not only attaches importance to the study of numerology, but also advocates the practice of more than thirty years of diligent study and practice to approve thousands of cases of eight characters, the accumulation of rich experience to approve in order to effectively inherit the blind folk school of fortune telling and carry forward the willingness to approve the life of experience and skills, written in this book to pass on to those who have a destiny. River Island blind school of numerology system is complete, and the basic numerology system is unique in its practical approach, so those who learn it will definitely benefit greatly. The level of fortune telling will be greatly improved, and it is an excellent choice to become a professional forecaster.

I. The Eight Character Numerology System of the Blind Folk School of River Island.

(a) Look at the fortune entry form and the combination configuration.

(2) Search the eight characters, specializing in Cai Guan.

(3) Use the method of living images to make subtle judgments.

(4) To use the divine fury skillfully, to observe the fate of fortune.

(5) The essence of the blind school recipes and techniques.

(6) The jianghu trick, the wit and change.

II. The foundation of numerology, the key to the approval of life.


Three, the main method of practical combat.


1. Destiny pattern analysis.

2、Yearly luck change.

3. The period of time when things should be decided.

4、Entry examinations (education).

5、Shi, agriculture, industry and commerce (occupation).

6. Rich and poor.

7、Wealth and official fortune.

8. Marriage and family.

9. Six relatives and three gates.

10. The disaster of disease.

11. The disaster of disability.

12. The disaster of imprisonment.

Four, comprehensive criticism.


RiverZhou is a practical eight-character forecaster who works with people in several groups in real PK. Often takes first place.

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