2020 Jiulong Daoist Four Pillars and Eight Characters Field Class Online Class Video

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Jiu Long Taoist Field Class Video Course
01 Bottoming Fourteen Formations
_2020-02-01-20-15-50.png 135.94kb
_2020-02-01-21-16-41.png 84.21kb
_2020-02-01-22-17-32.png 135.82kb
Bottom Fourteen Formation 1.mp4 300.25M
Bottom Fourteen 2.mp4 464.80M
Bottom Fourteen Formation 3.mp4 103.84M
02 prosperity formation principle
Principle of prosperity array 1.mp4 338.61M
Wang Cai Array Principle 1.png 85.42kb
Principle of Wanted Fortune Array 2.mp4 253.56M
Wangcai Array Principle 2.png 60.18kb
Wangcai Formation Principle 3.mp4 107.56M
Wangcai Array Principle 3.png 64.67kb
03 Name Change
Keygen.exe 592.00kb
Name Change 1.mp4 141.45M
Name Change 2.mp4 393.17M
Name Change Software.rar 33.42M
04 Principles of Peach Blossom Formation
Peach Blossom Formation.mp4 393.95M
05 The Method of Choosing an Auspicious Day
Significant days to choose the auspicious.mp4 419.17M
06 period the principle of Wenchang array
Wenchang Array.mp4 538.03M
07th period of the life and death robbery views
Life and death robbery.mp4 397.39M
08th perception of the health gongfu
Health gongfu.mp4 714.76M
09 Period male and female eight characters match marriage
.jpg 3.87M
The eight characters of men and women with marriage ~1.mp4 186.62M
10 period of eight characters over the three tricks
After the mountain notes.png 3.95M
Over Three Passes 1.mp4 150.15M
Over the Three Passes 2.mp4 138.29M
Over Three Passes 3.mp4 61.34M
Over Three Levels 4.mp4 28.33M
11 Replenishing the Treasury
01 Replenish the Treasury.mp4 615.83M
02 Replenish the Treasury.mp4 1.76G
03 Mending the Treasury.mp4 107.95M
04Supplemental Treasury.mp4 118.21M
05Supplemental Treasury.mp4 122.93M
06 Replenish the Treasury.mp4 75.26M
07Menace.mp4 118.66M
08 Replenish the Treasury.mp4 120.41M
09Supplemental Treasury.mp4 108.11M
10 replenish wealth bank.mp4 62.18M
12 jewelry on the role of luck adjustment
Jewelry for luck adjustment 1.mp4 68.80M
Jewelry for luck 2.mp4 102.22M
Jewelry Horoscope Adjustment 3.mp4 107.40M
Jewelry Horoscope Adjustment 4.mp4 95.01M
Jewelry Horoscope Adjustment 5.mp4 83.16M
Jewelry Horoscope Adjustment 6.mp4 248.86M
Jewelry Horoscope Adjustment 7.mp4 122.30M
Jewelry Horoscope Adjustment 8.mp4 79.18M
13 Opinions and Solutions for the Disasters of Lawsuits and Jails
The view and dissolution of the official prison disaster.mp4 734.62M
14 Spousal Relationship Dissolution
The relationship between husband and wife is resolved 1.mp4 566.48M
Relationship Resolution 2.mp4 1.32G
Couples Relationship Resolution 3.mp4 1.88G
Couples Relationship Resolution 4.mp4 119.58M
Couples Relationship Resolution 5.mp4 119.81M
Couples Relationship Resolution 6.mp4 117.07M
Relationship Resolution 7.mp4 122.39M
Couple Relationship Solution 8.mp4 55.37M
15 Business Management Applications
Zhou Yi and Business Management Application 1.mp4 238.75M
Zhou Yi and Business Management Applications 2.mp4 298.62M
16 Periods of the method of planting Shengji ideas and considerations
Planting the Foundation 1.mp4 149.15M
Seeds of Life 2.mp4 519.75M
Seeding Birthbase 3.mp4 68.99M
17 cesarean section selection days
C-section1_20206894138.mp4 301.23M
cesarean section 2_20206891836.mp4 565.72M
18 Detailed Explanation of Dragon Pointing – by Sumijin Sensei.mp4
Detailed Explanation of Dragon Pointing – Presented by Sumijin Sensei.mp4 599.51M
19 Debt Collection Formation
Debt Collection Formation_20200627mp4.mp4 1.28G
20 Period 20200704 Dragon Seeking Ruler
19 Dragon Quest Ruler 1.MP4 221.47M
19 Dragon Quest Ruler 2.MP4 269.28M
19 Dragon Quest Ruler 3.MP4 379.95M
19 Dragon Quest Ruler 4.MP4 784.58M
19 Dragon Quest Ruler 5.MP4 783.25M
19 Dragon Quest Ruler 6.MP4 448.54M
20 Dragon Quest Ruler
Dragon Quest Ruler 1.MP4 221.47M
Dragon Quest Ruler 2.MP4 269.28M
Dragon Quest Ruler 3.MP4 379.95M
Dragon Quest Ruler 4.MP4 784.58M
Dragon Quest Ruler 5.MP4 783.25M
Dragon Quest Ruler 6.MP4 448.54M
21 ideas and notes on how to improve your luck
Boosting Your Luck 1.mov 504.19M
Boost Your Luck 2.mov 342.50M
Boost Your Luck 3.mov 1.12G
22 Period Shrine Placement Precautions
22 Period Shrine Placement Considerations.flv 809.45M
23 Period chopping peach blossom method ideas and precautions
Chopping Peach Blossoms 1.mp4 484.73M
Chopping Peach Blossoms 2.mp4 229.00M
The first time I saw you, I had to go to the bathroom.
The Peach Blossom 4.mp4 290.97M
The first time I\’ve ever seen the game, I\’ve seen it.
24 Period Flow Moon Analysis
24 Second Half Flow Moon Analysis.flv 850.53M
Online Classes
01 Batch Bazi Process.mp4 15.22M
02 Buildings around birthplace.mp4 14.89M
03 Getting Rich.mp4 17.43M
04 choose cell phone number.mp4 19.21M
05 Five elements balance.mp4 11.26M
06 dry and wet balance.mp4 18.22M
07 yin and yang balance.mp4 19.40M
08 look at the eight taboos.mp4 6.65M
09 Ten Gods with the ratio of Ji and Evil Ping.mp4 8.16M
10 hi taboo ratio with 12 long life.mp4 8.23M
11 front side summary.mp4 8.99M
12 Heavenly Stems Five Together Four Together.mp4 16.12M
13 Earth Stem Three Conjunctions Three Conjunctions Six Conjunctions.mp4 13.10M
14 Earth Stems Three Punishments.mp4 12.44M
15 Six Onslaught.mp4 11.64M
16 Six harm and six break.mp4 12.06M
17 Emotions 1.mp4 16.20M
18 feelings2.mp4 29.64M
19 Affection 3.mp4 25.70M
20 Strength and Weakness 1.mp4 20.85M
21 Strong Weak 2.mp4 24.83M
22 Strength and Weakness 3.mp4 14.24M
23 Own Disease 1.mp4 14.84M
24 Six relatives disease.mp4 12.34M
25 Pattern 1.mp4 9.89M
26 Pattern 2.mp4 9.97M
27 Pattern 3.mp4 17.47M
28 Pattern 4.mp4 24.47M
29 Pattern 5.mp4 11.95M
30 Pattern 6.mp4 14.63M
31Graphic7.mp4 17.84M
32Graphic8.mp4 13.28M
33 Pattern 9.mp4 19.47M
34Frequently Asked Questions.mp4 14.17M
35 Bone Weighing.mp4 19.88M
36Tables.mp4 2186M
37Tomb Bank.mp4 26.03M
38 empty death.mp4 25.77M
39 Character through the eight characters to see the character.mp4 15.64M
40Lesson to see marriage wealth and health.mp4 292.91M
41 lesson eight characters to see the information of children.mp4 214.38M
42 lessons suitable industry and noble.mp4 96.79M
43 Heijiao and advice.mp4 68.75M
44 Psychic events and the causes of nightmares.mp4 94.19M
45 Psychic Events and Nightmare Dissolution.mp4 127.79M
Web Class Live
The 01st Doogie 20200205-Web Class Live
Fighting Fish Premiere 1.mp4 169.93M
Fighting Fish Premiere 2.mp4 85.79M
Doogie Premiere 3.mp4 16.15M
The 02nd Douyu 20200213-Web Class Live
douyu second broadcast 1.mp4 173.72M
douyu second broadcast 2.mp4 71.85M
Douyu II Podcast 3.mp4 216.46M
doujinshi two broadcast 4.mp4 40.62M
The 03rd Doobie 20200308-Webcast – Marriage and Relationships
Marriage Affection.mp4 362.82M
The 04th Douyu 20200329-Web Class Live Streaming – Eight Characters to See Diseases
Eight Characters to Read Diseases.mp4 607.78M
Made after leaving the mountain – Notes.png 4.00M
05th Dojo Live Streaming 20200405 Feng Shui Knowledge Sharing – Instructor Zhang Shurui
Feng Shui Zhang Shurui 1.mp4 256.78M
Feng Shui Zhang Shurui 2.mp4 197.40M
The 06th Dojo 20200412 – Ideas on how to regulate your fortune
Network class to see the method of fortune ~ 1.mp4 259.52M
The 07th Douyu 20200426-Methods of Using the Compass Feng Shui Basics
How to use the compass Feng Shui basics.mp4 759.43M
The 08th Douyu Live 20200503 – Industry Direction Selection
Career Direction Selection~1.mp4 279.29M
The 09th Douyu 20200517 – Restraining the Evil Gods in the Eight Characters
How to check the evil gods in the eight characters ~1.mp4 160.94M
10th Live 20200607 Eight Characters to Read Character
Eight Characters to Read Character~1.mp4 173.30M
The 11th Live Streaming 20200615 Eight Characters to See Lawsuits and Jail Time
Web Class Reading Lawsuits and Jail Disasters through Eight Characters.mp4 191.56M
The 12th Live Streaming 20200621 Home Placement – Zen Source Teacher
Live Streaming Home Placement.mp4 369.51M
The 13th live broadcast 20200720 Explanation of the four graves of the Tomb
Detailed Explanation of the Cinnabar Ugly Wei Tomb Treasury ~1.mp4 237.88M
The 14th live broadcast 20200802 empty death and the direction of driving
Empty Death Direction of Harnessing ~1.mp4 221.82M
The 15th live broadcast of 20200817 The process of reading the eight characters
The Process of Reading the Eight Characters~1.mp4 260.56M
16th Live Streaming How to Bond with a Numerologist
16th Live Web Class – How to Bond with the Destiny Master ~1.mp4 230.26M
Empty Death Directions for Harnessing ~1.mp4 221.82M
Excellent Notes Material
5219b05970ab8aaa863b3ed1d1fdb74.jpg 4.64M
9b298fffff9aaf58a9e83e55afbc4dc.jpg 2.16M
ed019268fb0f25305dd63e8ecfd26f1.png 719.89kb
Eight common forms.xls 357.00kb
Jiu Long Taoist 365 Notes(6).doc 20.16M
Nine Dragons Taoist Master Eight Essential Knowledge Points.pdf 37.24M
Notes on Ming Language Patterns.jpg 11.28M
Notes on the Tomb Treasury-.PNG 17.95M
Four Pillars and Eight Characters Basic Application(3).pdf 1.31M
Calculation of the eight characters form.doc 42.00kb
WeChat picture_20200607213326.jpg 3.77M
Compressed Bazi Information.pdf 1.25M

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