2016 Desert Oasis Eight Word Recording 99 episodes

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115. Desert Oasis Lecture on the Eight Words Phase 5 Disease Disasters (160312).mp3 15.30M
115. Desert Oasis Lecture on Eight Characters Phase 5 Disease Disasters (160313).mp3 15.30M
116. Desert Oasis Lecture on the Eight Characters, Phase 5: Diseases and Disasters (160316).mp3 18.72M
116. Desert Oasis speaks on the eight characters of the fifth period of disease and disaster (160317).mp3 18.72M
2016-08-28 八字六爻答疑.mp3 3.22M
2016-09-09 八字精講之断卦技巧 02.mp3 16.17M
2016-09-10 The Eight Characters of Gods and Furies 10.mp3 16.14M
2016-10-12 八字正印的例子.wma 17.42M
2016-10-15 八字中的偏印(1).wma 16.80M
2016-10-19 Example of Partial Cai in the Eight Characters.wma 18.28M
2016-10-22 Notes on the Eros of the Eight Characters of Positive Cai.wma 15.07M
2016-10-25 Eight Characters for Emotional Room.wma 13.99M
2016-10-26 八字看财例子.wma 13.48M
2016-10-29 八字十神里偏财.wma 11.81M
2016-10-5八字七杀的例子.wma 18.59M
2016-11-12 八字十神10劫财.wma 13.60M
2016-11-16 八字劫财例子.wma 14.74M
2016-11-23 八字食神例子.wma 16.26M
2016-11-26 八字伤官笔记.wma 15.93M
2016-11-2 八字偏财例子.wma 16.39M
2016-11-30 八字伤官例子.wma 15.36M
2016-11-5 八字十神之比肩笔记.wma 14.67M
2016-12-14 八字看婚姻.wma 14.81M
2016-12-17 八字合婚例子.wma 15.44M
2016-12-21 八字看婚期.wma 11.69M
2016-12-31 八字婚姻篇之结婚应期 04.mp3 12.91M
2016-12-7 八字考试.wma 22.98M
2016-12-9 八字考试.wma 19.16M
2016-2-24 八字看财运的例子.wma 5.20M
2016-3-16 八字看傷残之灾 Example.wma 19.03M
2016-3-19 八字3 官非牢.wma 13.48M
2016-3-23 八字看官非牢例.wma 19.68M
2016-3-26 八字官非 牢 牢例子.wma 14.74M
2016-3-2 八字.wma 14.01M
2016-3-30 八字看残疾.wma 12.80M
2016-3-4 Answering Questions.wma 15.43M
2016-3-5 八字看疾病例子.wma 17.85M
2016-3-6 Answer.wma 11.21M
2016-3-9 八字看横祸、傷残之灾.wma 16.25M
2016-3012 八字看傷残例子.wma 16.21M
2016-4-13 Eight-character reading example of death.wma 14.40M
2016-4-16 八字看死亡例子.wma 11.17M
2016-4-20 八字看死例子.wma 15.95M
2016-4-23 Eight Characters Answering Questions.wma 15.08M
2016-4-2 Eight Character Reading Disability Notes.wma 16.66M
2016-4-6 Eight Character Reading Notes on Death.wma 16.81M
2016-4-9 八字看死例子.wma 18.14M
2016-5-18 Eight-character row.wma 18.81M
2016-5-21 八字的天干地支.wma 13.21M
2016-5-25 八字60花甲子.wma 12.48M
2016-5-28 八字地支藏干.wma 12.67M
2016-6-1 八字十神.wma 12.90M
2016-6-15 八字的刑.wma 16.16M
2016-6-22 The Eight Character Broken and Absolute.wma 17.50M
2016-6-25 八字墓库.wma 16.71M
2016-6-29 Eight-character empty death.wma 12.82M
2016-6-4 八字論合.wma 12.60M
2016-7-13 八字十二长生.wma 16.71M
2016-7-20 八字排大運.wma 18.35M
2016-7-23 The eight characters of the resemblance method.wma 18.77M
2016-7-27 Example of the likeness method of the eight characters.wma 16.92M
2016-7-2 Proximity and prosperity in the eight characters.wma 17.32M
2016-7-30 Example of the likeness method of the eight characters.wma 19.09M
2016-7-6 The prosperity and decay of the eight characters.wma 18.08M
2016-8-10 The Divine Fate of the Eight Characters.wma 17.23M
2016-8-13 The Divine Fate of the Eight Characters.wma 13.62M
2016-8-24 The Divine Fate of the Eight Characters of Bad.wma 14.74M
2016-8-31 The eight divine fates of bad characters.wma 17.04M
2016-9-17 八字食神1正官.wma 17.09M
2016-9-21 八字正官的例子.wma 18.35M
2016-9-3 八字的神煞.wma 15.00M
2016-9-7 The Divine Fate of the Eight Characters.wma 15.65M
2016.10.8 [The eight characters of the positive seal].wma 16.64M
2016.11.19 [Eight-character eclipse god].wma 16.30M
2016.2.23 [Q&A].wma 30.94M
2016.2.27【Bazi reading fortune】.wma 13.83M
2016.3.1【Answers】.wma 16.07M
2016.5.15【Bazi New Lesson】.wma 20.26M
2016.6.18 [Eight Characters; Wearing].wma 14.21M
2016.7.16【八字名词】.wma 13.07M
2016.7.9【八字看旺衰】.wma 16.28M
2016.8.17 [Eight Character Divine Furies].wma 14.48M
2016.8.20【The Eight Character Gods and Furies】(1).wma 17.03M
2016.8.27 [The Eight Divine Furies].wma 16.05M
2016.8.3 [Eight Characters for the New Student Exam].wma 21.75M
2016.8.5 [New Student Exam].wma 9.57M
2016.8.7 [New Student Exam Eight Character Fundamentals].wma 17.23M
2016.9.23【Exchange to see the eight characters】.mp3 19.14M
2016.9.24【八字七杀】.wma 15.70M
20160106 八字看性格例子.wma 18.06M
20160109 八字看职业笔记.wma 14.79M
20160113八字看职业例子.wma 15.54M
20160116 八字看职业例子.wma 25.35M
20160120 八字.wma 9.98M
20160217 八字断钱财经验.wma 18.36M
20160220八字看财运例子.wma 11.86M
20160914 八字童子命.wma 16.15M
八字第7课2016-6-8.mp3 16.51M
Wang Wei Bazi A Xu C Yin Dec Wei Non Xu Crossing the Great Luck.wma 10.91M

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