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–/0Feng Shui Meaning/2021/21834.2019 Life genetic eight-character
{1}–Composition of the Four Pillars of the Life Genetic Eight: The Unity of Heaven and Man
[1.1]–The Composition of the Four Pillars of the Eight Character Life Style: The Unity of Heaven and Man.mp4 142.05M
{2}–The Breakdown of the Four Pillars and Eight Characters of Destiny: Is there a God of Use or Not
[2.1]–Decomposition of the Gods of the Four Pillars of the Eight Character Destiny Form.mp4 258.94M
[2.2]–An Example of the Mapping of the You Day Student.mp4 55.47M
{3}–The correspondence between the life style and the house: the unity of the earth and the people while having the same life and the same direction
[3.1]–The Unity of the Earth and People while Uniting with the Same Fang.mp4 180.43M
{4}–The Earth Branch is the Soul and the Day Stem is the Clothes
[4.1]–The Earthly Branch is the Soul, the Day Branch is the Clothes.mp4 81.17M
[4.2]–Earthly Branch Attributes of the Six, You and Ugly.mp4 226.61M
[4.3]–The Attributes of the Earthly Branches: Hai Mao Wei Triad.mp4 165.90M
[4.4]–A Summary of the Triple Combination and the Extension of Hai Mao Wei.mp4 76.22M
[4.5]–The Discourse of the Triple Combination of the Day Master and the Opposite Side.mp4 256.37M
[4.6]–One of the Twelve Earthly Branch Hexagons.mp4 146.23M
[4.7]–The Sixth Harmony of the Twelve Earthly Branches II.mp4 163.12M
[4.8]–The Sixth Harmony of the Earthly Branches III.mp4 54.60M
{5} –The harming of the earth can\’t be treated as earth.
[5.1]–The Mapping of the Cinnabar-Ugwei.mp4 440.86M
[5.2]–Xu is Fire and cannot be treated as Earth.mp4 88.69M
[5.3]–The four penalties cannot be simply treated as earth.mp4 57.72M
[5.4]–The Exposition of the Five Punishments.mp4 79.39M
[5.5]–Practical Eight Characters of Six Onslaught II.mp4 203.55M
[5.6]–Practical Eight Characters of the Six Harmful.mp4 165.58M
[5.7]–Practical Eight Characters of Six Harm.mp4 288.68M
[5.8]–Practical Eight Characters of Six Onslaught.mp4 133.95M
{6}–On the stage horse, the destiny house and the flowing year, the left long and the right second, etc.
[6.1]–On the Stage Horse, the Year of Destiny, and the Destiny Star.mp4 290.43M
[6.2]–Different houses of the same life, different disasters and blessings, the influence of the natal star and the natal house on the course of fortune.mp4 157.14M
[6.3]–Multiple births at the same time, but different fortunes, analysis of the reasons.mp4 411.64M
{The Art of the Numerology Numerology Star, the Numerology Square Plane Energy System
[7.1]–The Metaphor and Nature of the Natal Star.mp4 222.83M
[7.2]–The Energy System of the Natal Plane.mp4 222.41M
{8}–Practical: The Marriage Cycle of the A-Zi Day People
[8.1]–The Marriage Cycle of the Year of the Azi.mp4 139.16M
{9}–Practical: Broken marriage should be the period of time to prevent the birth of the year branch day
[9.1]–Practical Eight Marriage Emotional Overview.mp4 292.48M
[9.2]–Practical Eight Character Marriage Sentiment Analysis No. 2.mp4 89.14M
[9.3]–Practical Eight Characters for Marriage Size Cycle Problems.mp4 182.91M
[9.4]–Practical Eight Characters for the Fate of the Wild Horse.mp4 167.99M

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