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01 第1集 四柱命理学预测系统.mp4 164.40M
02 Episode 2: The Five Elements of Yin and Yang, Prosperity and Decay, and the Elephant Method.mp4 65.53M
03 Episode 3: The Logic of the Four Pillars of Numerology.mp4 102.25M
04 Episode 4 Introduction to the Five Traditional Chinese Arts.mp4 109.92M
05 Episode 5: The Heritage and Evolution of the Four Pillars of Numerology.mp4 31.14M
06 Episode 6: Basic Theory of Four Pillars of Numerology.mp4 159.96M
07 Episode 7 The Interrelationship of Yin and Yang.mp4 81.67M
08 Episode 8 Concepts and Evolution of the Five Elements of Yin and Yang.mp4 194.69M
09 Episode 9: The Five Elements and their analogy.mp4 156.98M
10 Episode 10: The Five Elements of the Ten Heavenly Stems.mp4 139.67M
11 Episode 11: The relationship between the ten heavenly stems and their opposites.mp4 139.67M
12 Episode 12 The Anomalies of the Five Elements.mp4 265.54M
13 Episode 13 The Concept of the Twelve Earthly Branches.mp4 148.41M
14 Episode 14 The relationship between the Earth Branches and the 24 Solar Terms.mp4 121.71M
15 15 The relationship between the Earth branches and the structure of the human body.mp4 145.50M
16 Episode 16: The 12 Earthly Branches and the Hidden Stems.mp4 78.72M
17 Episode 17: The Qi of the Twelve Earthly Branches (above).mp4 161.83M
18Episode 18 The Qi of the 12 Earthly Branches (Lower).mp4 216.84M
19 第19集 十二地支的生合关系.mp4 202.13M
20 20 The relationship between the twelve branches of the earth and their grammatical combinations.mp4 121.67M
21 Episode 21: The Six Onsets of the Earthly Branches (above).mp4 161.49M
22 22nd episode The Six Rulings of the Earthly Branches (Lower).mp4 159.02M
23rd episode 23 The Six Harmfuls of the Earthly Branches.mp4 115.62M
24 Episode 24 The Three Meetings of the Earthly Branches.mp4 165.39M
2525 The Three Harmonies of the Earthly Branches.mp4 169.34M
26 26 The phases of the earthly branches.mp4 230.74M
27 Episode 27: The Eight Characters (Upper).mp4 230.16M
28 Episode 28: The Eight Characters (Lower).mp4 160.61M
29 Episode 29: The Basic State of the Five Elements.mp4 191.75M
30 Episode 30 How to Determine the Five Elements of Strength and Weakness.mp4 109.51M
31 Episode 31 The State of the Twelve Longevities.mp4 201.10M
32 Episode 32 Combinations of Stems and Branches.mp4 139.50M
33 Episode 33 The Concept of Tongen.mp4 158.71M
34 Episode 34 The Houses of the Four Pillars (above).mp4 120.35M
35 Episode 35: The Houses of the Four Pillars (Lower).mp4 121.07M
36 Episode 36 The Concept and Relationship of the Ten Gods (Upper).mp4 169.41M
37 Episode 37: The Concept and Relationship of the Ten Gods (Lower).mp4 197.57M
38 Episode 38 The Use of the Ten Gods Case (Female).mp4 146.96M
39 Episode 39: The Use of the Ten Gods (Male).mp4 166.31M
40 Episode 40: A Practical Case Study of Wang and Decay.mp4 128.13M
41 Episode 41: Practical Analysis of the Decay and Prosperity of Different Eight Characters.mp4 171.06M
42 Episode 42: The Concept of Eight Character Patterns.mp4 111.77M
43 Episode 43: Case Studies of Eight Character Patterns.mp4 143.74M
44 Episode 44 General and Special Patterns (above).mp4 141.66M
45 Episode 45 General and Special Patterns (Bottom).mp4 116.11M
46 Episode 46: Case Studies from the Grid (above).mp4 126.04M
47 Episode 47: Case Study of the Subordinate Pattern (Lower).mp4 169.70M
48 Episode 48: Case Study of the Gods of Passage.mp4 128.03M
49 Episode 49: Case Study of the Gods of Support and Suppression.mp4 193.84M
50 50th Case Study of the God of Waiting.mp4 177.30M
51 Episode 51 Yearly Luck (I).mp4 151.83M
52 Episode 52: The Great Luck of the Year (II).mp4 63.59M
53 Episode 53 The Year of the Dragon (3).mp4 117.22M
54 Episode 54 Year of the Dragon (IV).mp4 32.20M
55 Episode 55: Gods and Furies – The Heavenly Bronze Star.mp4 35.27M
56 Episode 56: The Peach Blossom Star.mp4 26.11M
57 The 57th episode of the case of the divine Furies: The Star of Hua Gai.mp4 28.81M
58 58th Episode 58: The Gods of the Dead Case of the Post Horse.mp4 138.44M
59 59th Episode 59: The Case of Gods and Furies – Yang Blade and Lu Shen.mp4 259.57M
60 Episode 60: Female Fate Case Study (above).mp4 166.89M
61 61st Female Fate Case Study (Middle).mp4 203.95M
62 Episode 62 Female Fate Pattern Case Study (Bottom).mp4 178.91M
63rd Female Fate Case Study Review.mp4 96.97M
64th episode Men Life Pattern Case Study (Upper).mp4 129.64M
65 Episode 65 Male Fate Pattern Case Study (Middle).mp4 142.78M
66 Episode 66: Male Fate Case Study (Below).mp4 224.69M

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