Piggy Jinshui 2021 Four Pillars Eight Characters Introduction Course Recording 24 lessons

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Information name: Piggy Jin Shui 2021 Four Pillars Eight Characters Introductory Course Recording 24 Lessons

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—/Feng Shui Meaning/2022/22156.2021 Piggy Jin Shui Four Pillars Introduction Course 24 Lessons
00. Introduction: To those who love the Eight Characters as much as I do..mp3 4.59M
01. Lesson 1: The Origin and Theoretical Basis of the Four Pillars and Eight Characters..mp3 13.99M
02. Lesson 2: The composition of the four pillars and eight characters..mp3 15.37M
03. Lesson 3: A wood: a lifelong learner..mp3 10.33M
04. Lesson 4: B Wood: The most resourceful trendsetter..mp3 12.34M
05. Lesson 5: C Fire: The most selfless giver..mp3 12.43M
06. Lesson 6: D Fire: The Warmest Leader..mp3 13.01M
07. Lesson 7: E Earth: The Most Reliable Friend..mp3 11.65M
08. Lesson 8: The strongest EQ class representative..mp3 10.89M
09. Lesson 9: Geng Jin: the most determined warrior..mp3 11.97M
10. Lesson 10: Xin Jin: The perfect obsessive-compulsive person..mp3 11.96M
11. Lesson 11: Nonsui: Enjoying life with the soul..mp3 13.36M
12. Lesson 12: Kwai Shui: The predestined maternal flooder..mp3 13.81M
13. Lesson 13: The Sprouting of Everything in Spring and Rain..mp3 12.83M
14. Lesson 14: The Stirring of the Spring and the Ravishing Mountain Flowers of the Spring Equinox..mp3 13.76M
15. Lesson 15: The Warm Spring Mud of the Qingming and the Valley Rain..mp3 13.83M
16. Lesson 16: The Yang Qi Bi Bu of the Summer and Xiao Man..mp3 13.99M
17. Lesson 17: The Summer Sun of Mango and Summer Solstice..mp3 14.61M
18. Lesson 18: The hot earth of the summer heat and the summer heat..mp3 15.20M
19. Lesson 19: The sweetness of melons and fruits in autumn and summer..mp3 15.14M
20. Lesson 20: The Golden Autumn Leaves of the White Dew and the Autumn Equinox..mp3 14.39M
21. Lesson 21: The cold dew and frost of the prairie earth..mp3 14.44M
22. Lesson 22: The water of the heavenly river of Ohio, Lidong and Xiaoxue..mp3 14.45M
23. Lesson 23: The crystalline rain and snow from the snow to the winter solstice..mp3 15.79M
24. Lesson 24: The solidified tundra from the little cold to the big cold..mp3 15.41M

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