Li Ji Zhong Four Pillars and Eight Characters Intermediate Course Video 47 episodes

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Information name: Li Ji Zhong Four Pillars and Eight Characters Numerology Intermediate Course Video 47 episodes

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—/Feng Shui Meaning/2022/22172. 《 Li Ji Zhong Four Pillars of Destiny Intermediate Course》
Lecture 01: The Sixty Flowers and the Azi Nayin.mp4 64.58M
Lecture 02: The House of Life.mp4 207.10M
Lecture 03: The Birth.mp4 164.45M
Lecture 04: Pattern.mp4 182.64M
Lecture 05: The Official Pattern.mp4 162.68M
Lecture 06 Partial Official.mp4 193.03M
Lecture 07: Yin Shou Ge.mp4 172.40M
Lecture 08: The Meaning and Luck of Partial Yin.mp4 160.62M
Lecture 09: The Meaning of Positive Cai and the Luck and Fortunes.mp4 231.18M
Lecture 10: The Meaning of Partial Wealth and the Luck and Fortunes.mp4 174.14M
Lecture 11: The Meaning of Eros and the Fortunes and Fortunes.mp4 144.35M
Lecture 12: The Meaning and Luck of the Hurt Crown Pattern.mp4 126.34M
Lecture 13: Change of frame, subordinate frame.mp4 281.95M
Lecture 14: The Weak Pattern.mp4 250.88M
Lecture 15: Destiny pattern determines the life of a person.
Lecture 16: The comprehensive method of breaking the destiny of the year.mp4 100.34M
Lecture 17: The specific method of breaking fortune in the current year.mp4 286.97M
Lecture 18: Judgment of Luck.mp4 355.78M
Lecture 19: Definition and conclusion of the combination of years and fortunes.mp4 199.41M
Lecture 20: On the order of births and deaths.mp4 132.56M
Lecture 21: The combination of age and luck.mp4 177.69M
22nd lecture: \”The official is a wounded official\”.mp4 302.14M

The first time I saw this, I was able to get to the bottom of it.
The first time I saw this, I was able to find a way to get to the bottom of it.
Lecture 26: Measuring Ancestors and Parents.mp4 189.88M
Lecture 27: Measuring siblings.mp4 238.09M
Lecture 28: Measuring children_ev.mp4 150.71M
Lecture 29: Family Marriage.mp4 286.93M
Lecture 30: Wealth Measurement.mp4 131.79M
Lecture 31: Measurement of academic_ev.mp4 134.14M
Lecture 32: Essentials of Career and Official Luck.mp4 166.04M
Lecture 33: Specific methods for measuring career luck.mp4 259.06M
Lecture 34: The Eight Characters and Career Preferences.mp4 182.24M
Lecture 35: The Eight Characters for Business.mp4 132.21M
Lecture 36: The Eight Characters for the Five Arts and Metaphysics.mp4 41.18M
Lecture 37: Eight Characters for the Military.mp4 96.51M
Lecture 38: The Eight Characters of Merit and Fame.mp4 115.57M
Lecture 39: The Eight Characters of Rich and Poor Officials.mp4 112.73M
Lecture 40: The Eight Characters of a Clear Official and a Faint Official.mp4 156.68M
Lecture 41: The Four Pillars and Physical Health.mp4 94.20M
Lecture 42: Eye and Ear Diseases.mp4 141.65M
Heart and Lung Diseases.mp4 137.66M
Lecture 44: Spleen, Stomach and Intestinal Diseases.mp4 133.87M
Lecture 45: Liver and gallbladder diseases and kidney diseases.mp4 119.74M
Lecture 46: Measuring the disaster of imprisonment.mp4 136.66M
Lecture 47: Measuring Injuries and Disasters.mp4 185.40M

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