Hong Yi teacher high-dimensional easy learning class course video 33 episodes

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—/Feng Shui Meaning/2022/22946. High-dimensional Yijing
Lesson 01: The Origin of the I Ching.mp4 257.09M
Lesson 02: Yin and Yang and the Eight Trigrams.mp4 143.12M
Lesson 03: Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches.mp4 123.27M
Lesson 04: The Earth Branches.mp4 182.38M
Lesson 05: The Penalties and Predicaments.mp4 149.62M
Lesson 06: Name and Environment.mp4 162.86M
Lesson 07: Name and character.mp4 456.44M
Lesson 08: Marriage.mp4 184.63M
Session 09: Health.mp4 323.13M
Lesson 10: Name to determine year.mp4 100.85M
Lesson 11: Name sound, shape and meaning.mp4 217.03M
Lesson 12: Feng Shui Roots.mp4 260.73M
Lesson 13: Kitchen and Toilet Environment (above).mp4 158.98M
Lesson 14: The Kitchen and Toilet Environment (below).mp4 203.11M
Lesson 15: Door to door solution.mp4 420.84M
Lesson 16: House type lack of corner solution (above).mp4 286.89M
Lesson 17: House type lack of corner solution (bottom).mp4 304.26M
Lesson 18: Eight house feng shui auspiciousness (above).mp4 234.21M
Lesson 19: eight house feng shui auspicious (bottom).mp4 327.42M
Lesson 20: WeChat Avatar Energy.mp4 286.84M
Lesson 21: The Nine Flying Stars of the Year.mp4 186.19M
Lesson 22: Basics of the Eight Characters (above).mp4 198.36M
Lesson 23: Basics of the Eight Characters (Middle).mp4 366.78M
Lesson 24: Basics of the Eight Characters (Bottom).mp4 229.59M
Lesson 25: The Eight Character Array.mp4 293.94M
Lesson 26: Eight Characters for Health (above).mp4 307.45M
Lesson 27: Eight Character Gua Health (Bottom).mp4 304.45M
Lesson 28: Eight Character Gua Marriage (top).mp4 209.40M
Lesson 29: Eight Character Gua Marriage (below).mp4 435.73M
Lesson 30: Eight Character Gua character (top).mp4 307.18M
Lesson 31: Eight Character Gua character (bottom).mp4 261.39M
Session 32: Eight characters to break the trigram Wenchang.mp4 227.76M
Lesson 33: Four Pillars of Interpersonal Relationships.mp4 245.85M

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