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—/Feng Shui Meaning/2022/22718. The Third Secret Class of Gao De Chen Blind School of Bazi
Second Topic
Textual Information
Section 2, Gold and Water Wounded Officials Like to See Officials (Total 16 sections).mp3 7.55M
Section 3, water and wood wounded officials want to be wealthy officials.mp3 7.13M
Section 5, fire and earth wounded official to hurt all (19 sections).mp3 6.75M
Section 6, the four configurations of the wounded official frame (20 sections).mp3 8.39M
Section 7: The position and special combinations of the wounded official (21).mp3 6.73M
Section 8, the wounded official pattern like and dislike comprehensive training (22 sections).mp3 7.36M
Unit 2-Section 1. Earth and gold wounded official like to see the seal (15 sections).mp3 6.83M
Four, wood and fire injury official to be prosperous 021-08-14 16_33_45.mp3 6.78M
Third topic
text information
11, the folk practice mnemonic analysis 1-09-10 16_38_20.mp3 5.98M
3, point break flow year fine method point trick 021-08-26 16_30_42.mp3 7.27M
5、The secret of the fine method of life 221-08-30 16_33_49.mp3 7.30M
6, The three characters of the stem and branch are like the truth 2021-09-01 16_26_07.mp3 7.22M
9, Special Divine Fate Usage Point Trick-09-06 16_35_13.mp3 8.85M
Lesson 10, The folk fortune teller summaries share (32 sections).mp3 7.22M
Lesson 2: The technique of breaking the year of the Yang Blade (24 sections).mp3 8.32M
Lesson 4: Explanation of the secret of the fine method of life (26 sections).mp3 7.23M
Lesson 7: The two heads hang and the use of the bag (29 sections).mp3 7.15M
Lesson 8: Explanation of the usage of the golden key of life (30 sections).mp3 7.34M
Unit 3. Lesson 1: Special Usage of Roku (23 sections).mp3 6.86M
Topic IV
Textual Information
11-Nayin Theory of Life and the Live Use of the Yearly Signs 10-10 09_07_18.mp3 6.50M
1, Interpretation of the meaning of the Year of the Dragon 021-09-15 07_45_47.mp3 5.75M
2, The original bureau of the gods and demons to determine the fortune of a lifetime 021-09-18 07_36_31.mp3 6.92M
4, The meaning of Gods and Furies 021-09-25 06_06_33.mp3 7.28M
6, White Tiger and Five Ghosts Application Secrets 1-09-30 07_17_58.mp3 7.42M
7, Three symbols and funeral hanging usage tips 21-10-02 07_24_02.mp3 8.80M
8, Mastering the Laws and Using Gods and Furies 1-10-05 07_14_59.mp3 6.57M
Lecture 10, Great Limit and Small Use of the Law Point Trick (43 sections).mp3 6.98M
Lecture 12, 《The Nine Trick Songs》 Interpretation (45 sections).mp3 6.45M
Lecture 3: The Year of the Gods and Furies (36 sections).mp3 6.09M
Lecture 5: Analysis of the Meaning of the Combination of Divine Furies (38).mp3 6.96M
Lecture 9 – The Usage of the Minor Limit of the Year (42 sections).mp3 7.62M
First Topic
Section 10, the eight characters to see the loss of official dismissal point trick.mp3 8.33M
Section 11, using the method of the fortune of the locomotive to see the wealthy life point trick.mp3 7.34M
Section 12: The same township as the horse and the same slot.mp3 6.50M
Section 14: Explanation of the secret of the eight characters to break the noble character.mp3 7.19M
Section 1, \”How to know that the person is expensive, the official star has heeded\”.mp3 9.95M
Section 2, look at the classical interpretation of the noble life.mp3 10.36M
Section 3, how to use the pattern method on noble life.mp3 7.87M
Section 4: The basic rules for judging the nobility of the official.mp3 8.37M
Section 5: How to use the injury method to judge the nobility of officials.mp3 9.61M
Section 6, eight characters to see the size of the official position point trick.mp3 7.30M
Section 7, How to see when you will be promoted to an official position 2021-07-20 16_48_49.mp3 8.10M
Section 8, The order of thinking in the pattern theory of life.mp3 8.30M
Section 9, Ziping external pattern of six beasts on your review.mp3 7.47M
Text information
Section 01, \”How to know that the person is noble, the official star has heeded\”.pdf 156.16kb
Section 02, look at the noble life classic assertion interpretation.pdf 137.99kb
Section 03, how to use the pattern method on noble life?.pdf 172.23kb
Section 04, the basic law of judging the noble life of officials.pdf 182.61kb
Section 05: How to judge the nobility of officials by the method of wounding officials?.pdf 159.33kb
Section 06, eight characters to see the size of the official position point trick.pdf 181.04kb
Section 07: How to see when to be promoted?.pdf 131.81kb
Section 08: The order of thinking in the pattern theory of life.pdf 157.24kb
Section 09, Zi Ping outer frame six beasts on your review.pdf 132.26kb
Section 10, eight characters to see the loss of official dismissal point trick.pdf 186.14kb
Section 11, the use of the fortune method to see the wealthy and noble life point of view.pdf 169.88kb
Section 12, Locus horse and Locus horse in the same town.pdf 171.12kb
Section 13, the application of the wealth and official power point trick:.pdf 190.95kb
Section 14: Explanation of the secret of the eight characters to break the noble pattern.pdf 184.54kb
53 Yang Xiaoyan discipleship class: \”Wealth and Fortune\”.mp3 6.63M
Explanation of 267 concepts in the Eight Characters.doc 108.00kb
The trick to breaking the flow year 2-02 14_58_46.mp3 8.64M
亁,癸亥,丁巳,庚子,壬午021-08-08 14_37_11.mp3 9.28M
高德臣老师-第三期八字秘诀班开学式21.7.5.mp3 5.28M
Gao Dechen teacher – two qi into the elephant natal interpretation.mp3 8.84M
The first time I read the book, I was able to find out that I was a good student.
Gao DeChen teacher review KunZhouJiHaiYiMaoNonHuGengXu and A YinC YinDecuiA Yin2021.11.28.mp3 6.00M
Gao DeChen teacher reviews QianZhengJiHaiHuiWeiNonXuGengXu2022.1.23.mp3 6.77M
Gao Dechen teacher reviews Qianzheng Azi Echen Hexu Kiyou 2021.11.21.mp3 6.67M
Gao Dechen teacher analyzes two examples of the eight characters 2021-12-05.mp3 6.01M
How to use the gods.mp3 7.25M
The first time I saw a woman, I was able to see her.
How to read a woman destiny to fight for her husband power 2021.12.13.mp3 6.46M
The first time I saw a woman fortune, I had to go to a wedding.
Gao teacher eight characters to see the marriage should be the period point trick 2021.10.31.mp3 7.57M
The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.
Gao teacher reviews nonchen nonzi dingyou achen 2021.7.22.mp3 3.99M
坤,癸亥,癸亥,辛亥,己丑21-10-24 09_14_19.mp3 6.67M
Blind School Basic Concept Interpretation-02-15 14_54_49.mp3 7.92M
Destiny Palace.mp3 2.24M
Explanation of a Short Life Eight Characters 21-08-22 14_43_06.mp3 5.11M

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