Golden dart door old man sen blind school of fortune telling 2021 summer and fall nail lecture full set of video 36 episodes

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Information name: golden dart door old man sen blind school of fortune telling 2021 summer and fall nail lecture full set video 36 episodes

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Golden dart door old man sen blind school of numerology 2021 summer and fall nail lecture video full set of video 36 episodes, pay attention to the various versions on the network, see there are 28 episodes, there are also 33 episodes of this version of our inventory has 36 episodes of video. In addition, some claim that 2022 summer and fall nail lecture video, in fact, the summer and fall nail is August start, so that the so-called 2022 is bullshit. This course is worth 23,800 yuan, a total of more than 70 hours of courses.

Each video has more than 2 hours, more than 3 hours, more than 4 hours of varying, the gold content is super high. The main topics are: wealth, health, illness, life as a soldier, marriage, children, taking the gods, birth, parents, sisters, brothers, six relatives; and the top tips for children to have boys and girls.

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–/Feng Shui Meaning/22B/08/22B08061. Golden Dart Gate Elder Sen Blind School of Numerology 2021 Summer and Fall Video
01. The first lesson introduction and the eight frames
Eight Frames 3.mp4 106.17M
Eight Frames 4.mp4 89.15M
Eight Frame Analysis.mp4 92.36M
Introduction to Lesson 1.mp4 72.93M
02. Parents
Parenting 1.mp4 1.54G
Parent Origin_ev.mp4 153.86M
03. Jail Marriage Pawns
Pawns.mp4 797.57M
Pawn 2.mp4 1.20G
Pawn SVID_20210912_043135_1.mp4 1.56G
Parental Origin.mp4 1.65G
Marriage.mp4 503.59M
Jail 1SVID_20210911_223006_1.mp4 1.33G
04. Power Comparison Balance 八字生克喜忌
八字生克问答2_1.mp4 1.87G
The Eight Characters of Life and Health 2.mp4 1.27G
Live Qiao 1.mp4 2.45G
Power Comparison Balance2.mp4 1.53G
Power Balance1.mp4 1.12G
05. Meteor Catching the Moon
Meteor Catching Moon.mp4 844.53M
Life 2 Up.mp4 3.00G
Life 2 Down.mp4 1016.07M
Life 3.mp4 1.87G
Hit 4 Upper.mp4 1.83G
Hit 4 Down.mp4 1.02G
命一SVID_20211002_204328_1.mp4 2.28G
Hit one SVID_20211001_052538_1.mp4 2.42G
06. Hit Example
Hit 5.mp4 837.02M
Hit 6.mp4 1.03G
Hit 7.mp4 1.83G
07. Take
Fetch 1 upper.mp4 577.21M
Fetching 1 under 3SVID_20210922_135805_1.mp4 363.22M
Access 1 Mid.mp4 858.33M
Fetch 3.mp4 1.22G
08. Children
S Children 1VID_20210909_055128_1.mp4 512.94M
Balance of Power1.mp4 1.12G
Children.mp4 1.48G
Childrenl.mp4 1.10G
09. eBook
Upper Book a4.pdf 215.54M
Next.pdf 101.45M
Middle Book a4.pdf 204.41M

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