Shen Gaoyuan’s “Xiaochengtu Fengshui Resolution Technique”

Shen Gaoyuan’s “Xiaochengtu Fengshui Dissolving Technique” PDF e-book download. Preface In the cultural system of Yi Xue in China, forecasting and geomancy are the two most practical and instructive branches. The scope of forecasting is extremely wide, and it can be roughly divided into numerology forecasting for predicting fate and factual forecasting for predicting specific events. Numerology predictions include such as Sizhu Bazishu, Ziwei Doushu, Qizheng

Shen Gaoyuan’s “Xiaochengtu Fengshui Resolving Technique” PDF e-book download.


In the Chinese Yixue cultural system, forecasting and geomancy are The two most practical and instructive branches. The scope of forecasting is extremely wide, and it can be roughly divided into numerology forecasting for predicting fate and factual forecasting for predicting specific events. Numerology prediction includes such fields as Sizhu Bazishu, Ziwei Doushu, Qizheng Siyu, palmistry and face, various divine numbers, etc., while the branch of Shixue prediction includes Liuyao, Xiaoliuren, Jinkoujue, Qimen Dunjia, Taiyi Divine Number, Plum Blossom Easy Number and so on. Kanyu art takes the yin and yang house as the object of action, takes the unity of nature and man as the ideological principle, and summarizes the method of seeking advantages and avoiding disadvantages for the people living in it through the adjustment and utilization of “wind” and “water” in nature . There are many schools of geomancy in our country, such as Bagua School, Bazhai School, Xuankong School, Flying Star School, Sanyuan School, Sanhe School, Jinsuoyuguan School, Dragon and Tiger Baju School and so on. In the inheritance for thousands of years, the extremely wise Chinese ancestors have continued to inherit and develop the culture of Yi Xue, not only to prevent it from being annihilated in the change of dynasties and the change of times, but to have independent inheritance and strong vitality. In contrast to the decline and disappearance of the cultures of many countries and nations in the world when they encountered foreign invasions or after the Industrial Revolution, we Chinese people should indeed be proud of our national spirit, and we must also be clear about our own national spirit. It is the historical mission to inherit and carry forward the ancient culture from one generation to the next.

With the prosperity of the country and the prosperity of the economy, many unique learnings that have been lost to the world have been passed on again. This is the blessing of contemporary Yixue students. From the well-known “Three Character Classics” in China, there are words and sentences such as “There are mountains, there are Zhouyi, there is Guizang, the three changes are detailed, there are Dianmo, there are Xungao, there are oaths, and the mystery of books”, which means that in our Before the familiar Zhouyi, there was the Lianshan Yi in the Xia Dynasty, and the Guizang Yi in the Shang Dynasty. These two were once considered lost in the academic circles. However, with the flourishing of Yi Xue in contemporary times, the small Chengtu pictures evolved from Lianshan Yi and Guizang Yi have reappeared in the Jianghu. The true biography is obtained from the private knowledge of Guizang and used in the practice of one’s own forecasting and geomancy. In the past few years, I have experienced some insights, and should be entrusted by Yiyou to prepare to disclose the principles and practical application methods of Xiaochengtu. First of all, I would like to introduce Xiaochengtu’s feng shui prediction and resolution technique.

As mentioned earlier, Chinese Yixue is a “super science” with strong practicality and methods to follow. The most widely used in practice and the most valuable in application is Gemology, and Gemology It is also the subject with the most genres among all the branches of Yi Xue. Not only beginners tend to feel dazzled and at a loss, but even those who have studied Yi Xue for many years find it difficult to master various schools of Feng Shui. The author has studied in various places, and has achieved attainments in Bagua School, Xuankong School, Bazhai School, Guolu Yinyang School and other schools. By chance, through the advice of folk strangers, Xiao Chengtu and the essence of various schools of Feng Shui are combined, not only can find out the problem of Feng Shui as if you are on the scene without leaving home, but also the method of adjusting Feng Shui is quick It is effective and has become one of the main methods for the author to adjust the feng shui of the company’s home to resolve disasters.

This book, as the first work in the author’s “Great Ambition” – Xiaochengtu series, will not only fully disclose the methods and theories of contemporary Xiaochengtu forecasting, but also spread it among the people. The three levels of Xiaochengtu’s forecasting, Xiaochengtu’s Fengshui prediction and Xiaochengtu’s feng shui resolving and conditioning techniques are fully disclosed in the expert, so that all lovers who are interested in Xiaochengtu can gain something after studying and researching, And can truly realize what is taken from the people and used for the people.

Here, the author first wants to thank the ancient sages and sages of the past dynasties for passing on what they have learned, and thank all the Yixue predecessors and teachers who taught me knowledge in person, by phone, on the Internet, and in writing. The ancients said that a teacher with one word will never forget it in his life. The author has the opportunity to write this book today, all thanks to the sweat and hard work of all the teachers in ancient and modern times. I also sincerely hope that the readers of this book can gain something, better rectify the name of Yi Xue, benefit the common people, and establish knowledge for the ages. Special thanks again to my father, Mr. Zhang Zhijie, Mr. Jiangsu Yang Zhanyuan, the enlightened master of Zhouyi Qigong, Mr. Shuai Yunguang in Leshan, Sichuan, who taught me the unique knowledge of Fengshui, Mr. Liu Jingfan, a folk stranger in Harbin, and brother Xingfengzi, a folk master of Bazi, who gave me face-to-face advice. All my seniors.

Of course, due to the author’s lack of knowledge and the rush to complete the book, omissions in the book are inevitable.

Shen Gaoyuan originated from Qingdao Ruoshuizhai

Gengyin Year Mid-Autumn Festival

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Shen Gaoyuan-Xiaochengtu Fengshui Dissolving Technique

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