Meng Zhaohua’s “Bazi Prediction and Fengshui Actual Combat”

Meng Zhaohua’s “Bazi Prediction and Fengshui Practical Combat” PDF download. The content is excerpted from the moment when a person is born, eight Nings are a foregone conclusion, wealth, success, loss, wealth, longevity, poverty, communication, gain, loss, success, and failure are just phenomena in the process of life. – Achievements that can be achieved, such as how rich you are, what position you will be promoted to, and how long you will live

Meng Zhaohua’s “Bazi Prediction and Fengshui Practical Combat” PDF download.

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The moment a person is born, the Eight Nings are a foregone conclusion. Wealth, success, loss, wealth, longevity, poverty, communication, gain, loss, success, and failure are just phenomena in the process of life ,–A person’s achievements in the future, such as the degree of wealth, the position of the official, and the length of life, have all been fixed by innate feng shui. The strength of innate feng shui determines the level of destiny. It is only the form of expression, so feng shui prediction is as important as horoscope prediction. The highest level of horoscope prediction is to look at Feng Shui. It is impossible to accurately determine the level of fate by measuring the eight-character face without examining Feng Shui, because there are 12.96 million combinations of eight-character fate in the world, and there will be more than one child in the big bottom. Their horoscope fate is the same as a combination, but their life experiences and career achievements will never be the same! People are definitely different. There are only two things in the same world: success and failure. My mother sees that the world’s top officials are the best and the richest in the world; 4 With a meager salary, the beauty of the city is reduced to dust, and the many children she has given birth to become a lady. Why? The official is the best, the richest in the world can be called) look at it; the poor and poor can be called a loser. Successful people can always give a lot of reasons for their success: they are eager to learn and make progress, work hard and finally achieve success. In fact, it is not the case. The energy of the losers is not inferior to the former. People have not been successful, what is the reason that causes such a big difference between people? After reading this book, you will be shocked. The answer is so simple.

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